Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Trip to India

I thought about Virginia Gal as I made a quick trip to India today. Virginia Gal would be the most qualified person I know to tell you that a quick trip to India from the US could only be possible in the sense of virtual travel, or as a flight of fancy. I took the latter, inspired by, what else, FOOD! At the grocery store late last night, I picked up a couple of Tasty Bite dishes. I couldn't wait to try them, so I tucked into the Jaipur Vegetables for lunch today.

Mr. Merci joined me in the taste test. This dish gets 2 thumbs up in the Beaucoup household. Jaipur Vegetables is a wonderful vegetarian concoction with the consistency of a stew. It's just spicy enough to tingle your tongue without the need call the firehall. It would be great over rice, which I must avoid, so it was consumed a la carte. As with all spicy dishes, a bit of vanilla ice cream as an afterthought would have been quite nice. Sadly, ice cream is on my forbidden list, as well. No matter, Jaipur vegetables is truly delicious.

I can't vouch for it's authenticity, and I certainly cannot compare it to other Indian dishes, since my experience of the cuisine is limited (something I plan to rectify soon), but it stood on its own as quite a Tasty Bite.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Favorite New Show

I'm really getting hooked on Big Love, the new show about polygamy. It's set, where else? in Utah. I've watched it since the first episode. It's kind of tough to shift gears for another HBO drama right after The Sopranos on Sunday night, but I'm managing. Finally found a couple of folks at work who are watching it, too, so now I can chat about it and mull it over with friends (hi, Joey B.).

Looking forward to work today. I have a lot to accomplish, and when it's over: VACATION! 10 beautiful days off in a row. Not going anywhere special, and that's just fine with me! I need the R&R.

Hope those of you who celebrate Easter have a lovely one. Those of you who do not, hope you enjoy the extra day off (if you've got one). If not, then hope you get something special out of the weekend - good weather, a nice dinner out or a new pair of shoes. Nothing like new shoes to make you feel great.

OK, I'm getting punchy. Gotta go to bed. I stayed up late waiting for some clothes to finish in the dryer. Forgot to put them in right after the wash cycle was done. I'm such a nimwit sometimes. I'll be very tired all day tomorrow. But that's OK, 'cuz when tomorrow's over, I'm on vacation!!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

We Need a Little Christmas (shopping)...Already???

I'm watching CNN this morning, and I just saw the first Christmas ad of 2006. Apparently, QVC felt that it was necessary to remind us of the benefits of shopping early for Christmas gifts, and they want us to mark our calendars so that we won't miss their big Christmas shopping bonanza in November.

I hope it was just an error, but I'm skeptical. Bad enough that we have Christmas ads before Halloween, but before EASTER??? What's a Bunny gotta do to stay employed under all of this holiday pressure?