Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oops, I did it again...

I've been Home Alone this week, and, wouldn't you know, I set the alarm off again last night. Happened somewhere around 1:00 am. It only went off for about 5 seconds before I got to it, so maybe it didn't disturb anyone too much.

Sorry neighbors!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Landslides and Moonshine

Someone sent me various versions of Landslide (the song that seems to follow me lately), including the Dixie Chicks' version, which I like as much as the Fleetwood Mac version. I've burned all 4 to CD, along with a sweet little song called Kentucky Moonshine by Pure Prairie League. I heard a friend sing it today, and I had to track it down. Guess there's been a country theme to my day today.

Thanks very much for the Landslides and for the beautiful Kentucky Moonshine. Now I really AM going to bed! Goodnight!

Alarm Me! And everyone else...

Errrg. Just set off the alarm taking one of the dogs out. Boy, does that hurt your ears! Turned it off pretty fast, so I don't think I annoyed the neighbors too much. And NOW, I get to try to go to SLEEP.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Weekend Gone

Another weekend gone: one in an endless procession of nondescript breaks from work. Nondescript was OK with me this time around; I needed the rest. I nearly fell asleep while driving on Friday, less than half a mile from home. I know it happens to everyone sometimes, the sudden jerk of the head, but this was worse than usual. Let's just say that my car would have lost in a match-up with the oncoming SUV. I was seriously sleep-deprived last week. I think I totalled about 15 hours Sunday night through Thursday night. I'd fall asleep each night, but I had trouble staying asleep.

Today was an OK day. I did a bit of shopping at the mall and at Borders (had to try to find the song that made me cry when I was walking through Walmart on Friday), and I took a ride past my old house late in the afternoon. It's out in the country, and it's a pleasant drive. I'll post about that house one of these days; it was the only home I ever really fell in love with. I call it my Manderley, for those of you familiar with Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca (though not because it's a mansion, or has a seaside cottage on the grounds; I've never been that rich).

Anyway, I turned off of my route home from the mall to head up Cumberland Avenue. Doesn't it sound green and bucolic? It is! I was immediately distracted by a small sign with an arrow that said, "Yard Sale." I made a quick left onto who-knows-what road, intrigued by the concept of a yard sale in the middle of nowhere.

Half a mile or so up the road, on what I think was a farm (I didn't stop to look too closely) some folks appeared to be clearing up the last evidence of the sale. It was late in the day (5-ish), so I guess it was silly to think a yard sale would still be in full swing. Wonder if they pulled in any business? This is truly a back road through the woods, with very little traffic - lovely and peaceful, but not yard sale territory.

I turned around a little way up the road, went back to Cumberland Ave., and cut over to my old street. It has an equally lovely name, but I'll leave that detail out. ;) You really can't see much of my old house from the road - it sits WAY back in the woods. The driveway appears to be in need of a new load of stone, and weeds seem to be poking through. Oh well, it is the country.

Still not ready to go home, I cut back up Cumberland Ave. This time I rode through with the sun roof and the windows open. I wanted so badly to just pull over and enjoy the peace and quiet, but it didn't seem like a sensible thing to do, so I headed for home.

I finally ate dinner (which was also breakfast and lunch today - I was so distracted by shopping that I forgot to eat) at about 6:30. As soon as my laundry comes out of the dryer, I'm for bed. 'Night all! Sleep tight.