Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Voting, Small Town Style

I came home from work tonight, took the dog out, fed her, and took her out again. At about 5:55 pm, I backed the car out of the garage to go to My Town Hall to vote.

When I arrived at my destination, I parked and followed the herd into the building. I had to wait in line for approximately 30 seconds. I gave my name and confirmed my party. They gave me a pretty pink ticket, and I took it to the voting booth.

I had to wait approximately 5 seconds for the booth to empty. I used my 5 seconds to comment that mine wasn't the only pink ticket on the spike on the side of the machine. I had thought that it might be; my politics are atypical around here. Actually, there were quite a few pink tickets keeping company with mine! Maybe more pink-ticketed people were driven to vote in this year's primary.

I almost said pink-leaning people, but then I realized the historical implications of that! Wonder why they chose pink to represent my political party??? Someone's idea of a joke???

I cast my pink little vote, left the building, and drove back around the corner. I pulled my car back into the garage at 6:04 pm.

There you have it: Voting, Small Town Style!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Every now and then I get a message when I boot up my computer that a problem has been detected with my hard drive. I don't know too much about the technical end of computer stuff, but I suspect that this is The Beginning of The End for my PC. Time to start updating myself on the minimum requirements for a computer system these days.

So, my blog pals, what will I absolutely require in a new PC? I would actually love to go the laptop route this time around, though affordability is a major factor for me. I can live with a desktop, if necessary.

I don't need an extreme system. I want to blog with my computer, manage and edit digital photos with it, and maybe watch an occasional DVD on it (especially if I get a laptop). Gaming in my household is pretty much limited to puzzle, arcade and word games - some with cool graphics, but nothing excessive. I suppose Windows Vista is the likely OS, and I would like to go wireless if I get a laptop.

Any and all suggestions about necessary elements, brands, where to shop, etc. will be appreciated!