Friday, April 25, 2008

Fave Foto Friday - Name That Gnome!

There has been a considerable amount of conversation in my household related to the choice of a name for the birthday gnome pictured here. My choice was No-No, in honor of the character Jim on Vicar of Dibley, one of my favorite Britcoms (Jim's scene as the innkeeper in a Dibley Christmas pageant was classic).

My choice was Pooh-poohed, and I have refused to cave to pressure to name him Rosco or Norm. Please help out - I need suggestions!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've finally arrived at the next step in the process of warming up the downstairs - just in time for Spring! Tomorrow afternoon the wood stove guy is coming by to give me an estimate and discuss the options for placement of a stove.

Later in the day the fencing guy is coming by to give me an estimate on a nice, safe enclosure for my poor beguiled Princess Daisy. The sights and sounds of the season have proven to be too much for her. She wants to race off after every squirrel and track every scent.

I watched with woe on Saturday as she disappeared into the woods. For a few heartstopping moments I wasn't sure that I'd see her again. She easily leaps over the blueberry bushes and brambles in the woodlands hereabouts. I am more earthbound, and my progress through the undergrowth was sluggish at best. I am happy to report she is safe and sound. The fence has become a priority.