Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scents and Sensibility

Every now and then, I go in search of a new perfume to buy. I never seem to be able to find a scent that smells right on me. There are many that smell wonderful to me in the bottle, but when I try them on, they all seem too sweet, or too strong or just plain awful.

There was once a perfect scent. It was remarkably inexpensive. It was called Eau Fresh, and it was made by Jovan. It was sold in drugstores everywhere. It is not to be confused with Eau Fraiche by Elizabeth Arden. Sadly, Eau Fresh was discontinued more than a decade ago. Had I known in advance, I would have bought a lifetime supply and stored it in a dark, temperature controlled closet. Tragically, I found out the hard way that Jovan no longer produced it.

For all of these years, I have hoarded a shaker of Eau Fresh talcum powder. It carries the scent, which is reminiscent of freshly baked snicker doodles. I broke it out this week, and I've been using it. I still love it. The aroma of the talc doesn't last as long as the cologne's did, but it's essentially the same. You know how some smells can shoot an electric charge through you, and send you back to relive bits of the past? This scent holds that power over me. It brings back memories of some of the best years of my life, and it makes me yearn for those times.

When the talc runs out, the search will begin anew. I've had brief affairs with Chanel Allure and another perfume called Goldleaf and Hydrangea, and I've flirted with a few other brands, but I have yet to find something that could be my new signature scent.

Any suggestions???

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Snack Time

In some ways a blog is like a Dagwood Special sandwich. The layers build up, and it develops a character of its own from the unique blending of flavors. Each post is an added slice of meat or cheese, a topping, a seasoning or a slice of bread. As layers are added, the composition of the sandwich tells you more and more about the person who crafted it. The sandwich will never define the person, but it gives you a glimpse into their heart's desires.

My friend Pax's sandwich is genuine, warm, funny, inviting and just slightly irreverent. It balances bitter with a generous dash of sweet, and it spreads the love around (just like Pax).

Virginia Gal's sandwich is honest and feminine and full of youthful spirit. I'm not using the word 'youthful' to describe age or maturity. I'm describing something that will always be lively - never old or dull. It's flavor is a little bit exotic to me because Virginia Gal's background and experiences (world traveller that she is) are so different from mine.

Joe T.'s sandwich gets 3 c's; it is colorful, clever and creative. It has many unusual elements - Dagwood would be sure to be puzzled by some of the unique flavors found in that sandwich! Joe's most recent post (Every Picture Tells a Story) sounds eerily like something I might have written myself. The voice feels like mine to me, only better (after all, Joe is a published author). Joe, I don't start massive projects like your photo DVD because I would never sleep if I did. Literally.

Anyway, you get the idea. I have to stop by these blogs (and several others) for a nibble each day, and I never seem to get full!

I think my own sandwich has been a bit dull lately - turkey breast on dry white bread,with not too many layers or new flavors added. I'm feeling a bit spicier these days, so maybe that will be reflected here! I know I've tried to stop building my sandwich (OK, my blog - the sandwich thing is getting tired) a few times, but I always come back to it. Some posts are gone forever because I took the blog down once or twice. I don't really even know my blog's birthdate because of that. I think I started it almost a year ago, sometime in July or August of 2005.

No matter that I don't know the Room's 'born on' date. It's become a place where I can be my real self, or a place for the self I aspire to be, or even a place to try on a new hat for a day. Maybe sometime soon I'll try being my bad self ;) ! I've surprised my very private self by giving very personal glimpses into my life at times, the post just below this one being a prime example of that.

Well, enough of this sentimental stuff. Anybody got a glass of milk? It's snack time; I'm off to visit a few friends for a nosh!

Oh, and Miss Magnolia is the fine, heady wine that brings class, and elegance, and a touch of orgasmic laughter (there's the bad self; don't blink, you'll miss her) to the everyday blog. Every blog is a gourmet delight with a draught of Magnolia!