Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Things

Miss Daisy made her annual visit to the veterinarian today. I adopted her on 12/10/07. I can't believe she's been with me for a year already! She was an absolute drama queen at the vet's office - whining and moaning throughout the whole exam. She has to go back one day next week for a nail trim, but I have to give her a sedative first. They couldn't get her to cooperate today. Hope the sedative works!

Daisy has turned out to be a wonderful pet. She is sweet, and she likes people and dogs. She was crate-trained and house-trained when she came to us. I didn't know all of those things when I adopted her from the shelter, so I truly have been blessed!

I am, of course, behind in my holiday shopping and preparation. This weekend will be my catch-up time. I managed to get a few things done online last night and I'm going shopping today. If I'm motivated enough, I'll bake cookies tomorrow. I don't feel overwhelmed by the holidays this year. I'm actually enjoying the process because I'm committed to keeping things as simple as possible.

The new wood stove is working out pretty well! It makes the downstairs nice and toasty, and the upstairs stays just warm enough to keep the heater from going on. I'm looking forward to saving on my propane bill this year. I'll still use some propane, because I don't run the wood stove when I'm not home.

It was a comfort to know I had the wood stove for back-up yesterday. The power was out when I woke up - we had quite a storm here Thursday night into Friday morning. The heater won't work when there is no electricity, but the wood stove will!

Guess I've rambled enough for awhile. Hope everyone is finding some joy in their holiday preparations, for those who celebrate at this time of year. For those who do not, then I hope you get a good laugh at the rest of us with all of the craziness we put ourselves through!