Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lovely Lazy Saturday

Today was one of those lovely, lazy Saturdays. I slept late, went out for breakfast at 3pm, then came home and took a nap. Might take in a movie tonight. All in all, a perfect day. How did you spend your Saturday?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Changing Rooms

A Room Somewhere was closed for the last few weeks because my real-world, physical space moved. I’m writing this from a new room in a new town, though my virtual Room will remain comfortably the same, at least for now.

I managed to sneak in a vacation with a dear friend in September. I went to school in Indiana, and I came to love the Midwest while I was there. I had not been back since graduation (literally decades ago), and it was wonderful to see the heartland again.

The waves of grain were just beginning to turn amber while I was there. It was beautiful to see the moon hanging low in the sky over acres and acres of corn and soy; what a welcome sight to someone who can’t see the horizon at home because she lives in such a highly developed area. And the stars! The stars are bright and sparkling and abundant, with no light pollution to obstruct your view of them.

You all know how I like a quiet place. This visit with my friend fed my heart and soul in ways I can’t describe. I took long walks each day (sometimes more than once in a given day) along a country lane. The fresh air and exercise made me hungry as a big bear, and the home-cooked meals were filling and satisfying. It really was a perfect little idyll for me in the midst of a tempest.

I love being close to the ocean, but the East Coast is such a frenetic place to live anymore that I think I could leave the ocean for the farmlands. I’m sure the years from now to retirement will take me down many unexpected paths, but I think I may have found my heart’s desire along the country roads of the US Midwest.