Sunday, November 15, 2015

Vive La France, Vive Les Etats-Unis

I care about terror attacks all over the world. Why did the attacks in Paris just two days ago touch me deeply enough to inspire me to change my facebook profile picture in support of the French?

Because France is the USA's oldest ally;
Because without assistance from the French in the 18th century, the US would not exist;
Because so much of the philosophy that informs our highest ideals originated in France; and
Because we have so much of shared values and culture with the French.

Yes, both of our countries have problems and have made political and social errors. Putting our high ideals into actual practice is often a dirty business, both maddening and saddening. But for better or for worse, we are on paths that run together at so many important points in modern history.

France, our elder very different from us, yet so very much the same. Remember that the colors of the French flag are also the colors of ours.