Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dogwoods grow wild in the woods around here. Their slender boughs spread delicately as if painted into a japanese watercolor rendered on fine silk, and their white blossoms form lacy clouds amongst the nascent greenery of the other woodland trees. They line the roadways like a bridal arch, celebrating the purity of early spring as it prepares to yield to the fertility of deep spring, and later the fecundity of summer.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Celestial Dining

I had a sumptuous lunch with a heavenly pair today. Lunch with Pax Romano and Princess Angel Child was a wonderful time. The fare was beyond compare, and the company was exceptional!

Princess Angel is a credit to Clan Romano. She is lovely and smart, and it seems likely that she will follow in Pax's footsteps as a maven of pop culture.

Thanks, Pax and Princess, for a lovely dejeuner.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Fox in His Pocket

And I'm not talking about the George Clooney kind of fox.

CNN is reporting that President Bush has offered the post of White House press secretary to Tony Snow, a Fox Network anchor. Mr. Snow is expected to accept.

I know there was never any doubt that Fox is in bed with the White House gang (and vice versa), but this puts the final evidentiary nail in the coffin. It also shows us that Mr. Bush does not have any plans to change direction, despite the fact that US Americans are clamoring for an alteration in course.

Mr. Snow may be well qualified for the job, but the message sent by selecting a Fox anchor is equivalent to the thumbing of a nose at the president's critics. Mr. Bush, your critics are not just your political nemeses anymore, they are the majority of the American public. A little respect for us would be appreciated.