Friday, December 26, 2008

More Good Things

Virginia Gal asked for a Christmas photo of Daisy, so here it is. Sorry, VG, I didn't have any holiday togs for her, so the setting will have to do. This pic was taken on Christmas Eve, with Miss Daisy by the Christmas tree. Some of the gifts in the picture were destined for friends and family - the entire pile was not just for us!

I made out like a bandit this year. I got a new watch (much needed), an office chair (I assembled it tonight and I'm sitting in it right now), an oak file cabinet (yet to be assembled), a Little Green Clean Machine, a jar of my favorite face cream and a new travel mug (ka-ching! I'll save money by not stopping to buy coffee at Wawa). You can see that my list leaned toward the practical this year. I got a couple of items in the pure indulgence category, as well, so I feel perfectly spoiled!

Christmas Day didn't turn out quite as planned, so we just had a peaceful day at home. Acme (a local supermarket chain) was open until 1:00 pm, so I ran out and picked up a small ham and threw together an easy holiday meal. It was unbelievably quiet around here, which was nice. I think this was the first Christmas in my entire life that I did not spend with my family. Oh well. Change is the only constant, isn't it?

We had some errands to run today, so we stopped for lunch at a local diner. It was so nice to eat plain, simple food after all of the holiday delicacies we've consumed lately. I had eggs over easy with Canadian bacon, home fries, toast and coffee. Those eggs sure were good!

Hope everyone's having an enjoyable season. Hope the customers are kinder now that the rush is over, Virginia Gal. And I hope everyone has a peaceful and beautiful New Year.

Coming soon to A Room Somewhere: A Fish Story.