Saturday, June 30, 2007


I know it's been quite awhile since I posted. I'm glad to see that the Room was still here waiting for me!

The home purchase I was planning back in April didn't pan out, and that's a good thing! I've found something I like much more, and I'm expecting to sign contracts this afternoon. Cross your fingers for me, I'm really hoping this one will stick. Sure, this house costs more, and the interest rates have gone up, but at least the taxes are lower...

The house is new, and it's in the woods. It's quiet and private, everything I want in a home. It's an American classic in style: it's a bilevel. I knew I wanted the home the first time I stood on the patio. There is lovely swirled design imprinted into the cement. Shortly after they poured the patio, a turkey (a big one, judging from the size of the tracks) came by and wandered up to the doorway to take a peek inside. Hey, people pay big bucks to have their cement texturized. This design was donated by mother nature. Hard to beat that!

Hope the turkey is a frequent visitor. And DON'T get any funny ideas about Thanksgiving dinner!!!