Sunday, February 03, 2008


Every now and then I get a message when I boot up my computer that a problem has been detected with my hard drive. I don't know too much about the technical end of computer stuff, but I suspect that this is The Beginning of The End for my PC. Time to start updating myself on the minimum requirements for a computer system these days.

So, my blog pals, what will I absolutely require in a new PC? I would actually love to go the laptop route this time around, though affordability is a major factor for me. I can live with a desktop, if necessary.

I don't need an extreme system. I want to blog with my computer, manage and edit digital photos with it, and maybe watch an occasional DVD on it (especially if I get a laptop). Gaming in my household is pretty much limited to puzzle, arcade and word games - some with cool graphics, but nothing excessive. I suppose Windows Vista is the likely OS, and I would like to go wireless if I get a laptop.

Any and all suggestions about necessary elements, brands, where to shop, etc. will be appreciated!


mommanator said...

I would love to gelp, but I am more computer illerate than you! Hubby is the one to talk to! I will ask him for suggestions-you will have more than enough to think about LOL

Virginia Gal said...

Merci! lovely to see you - I hope you had a good holidays?!

I'm not very computer literate either but my sister is an IT person. She says that if you can, get your computer to have Microsoft Office installed, but NOT the new Microsoft Vistas, she said go with Windows 2000 or something. Make sure the computer doesn't automatically come with Vista cause it is not a very good program and difficult to take off.

oh and laptops, check your Best Buy circular, you would be surprised, sometimes you can find something affordable (especially now, since it is not the beginning of school).

citizen of the world said...

Funny you should ask. I just ordered a new desktop computer, because the motherboard on the last one mysteriously fried itself. I've liked Dell pretty well, and they have good tech support. But I had an Acer last, which I liked. I don't claim to be all that tech savvy, but I know a few things: Get a dual core processor. That makes a big difference. Since you don't do much multi-tasking gaming, the standard RAM is fine - 1 gig and I think it's 660 MHz. Will you be plugged directly in at home, or working through a wireless router? If you have wireless, you need to make sure you get an internal wireless card (like laptops have). If you have old floppies you still use make sure it has a 3.5 drive. That's not standard anymore since everyone uses USB keys. If you will be attached to a canle or phone line, and if you use jump drives, don't waste money on either of those things. I just ordered a Dell Inspiron 530s. If you get a laptop, will you be using it mostly at home or lugging it around? I have an Acer 5570Z - it's been a good computer, but even though it is their "slim and light" model, at almost 5 and a halfpunds, it is hard to carry around after a while. I've had similar sixed Dell laptops which were also good. I'm seriously considering a Fujitsu Lifebook ultraportable for traveling - only 1 and a half pounds! But if you just occassionally take it to a coffee shop to use their wireless while you have a capucino, weight isn't a big issue and the wider screen and full-size keyboard is more important. Plus, the smaller, lighter ones are more expensive. Finally, many computers have Vista, and many people aren't wild about it. So be aware of that - you can soemtimes choose between Vista and XP, or "downgrade" to XP after you get it. Hope some of this is helpful.

Merci said...

Wow! Thanks everybody for the great information! If I go the laptop route, it will still be used mainly for home use, and I'd like the bigger screen. The info about Vista is priceless, as is the info about system specifics (thank you, Citizen of the World). I'm going to start looking around.