Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hurry Up and Post!

My internet connection keeps going sour (blast Comcast). Gotta try to get a post up before it goes out again. Guess I'm about to embark on the usual customer service shuffle. I've had problems off and on for awhile. It's not unusual to have inferior quality in my neck of the woods-we're not in a priority service area.

I've gotten so accustomed to being connected that I feel a little bit lost when the connection goes down for any length of time. I like being able to look up the meaning of obscure words at 3:00 am. I enjoy setting off on an adventure through arcane historical detail just for the heck of it, without putting on my shoes or digging out my library card. And, especially, since this is a year without travel in our household, I like being able to take off on flights of fancy to Europe or the Caribbean to dream about my next vacation.

Blast Comcast!


Maidink said...

Oh my gosh! You are the fifth blogger I know that has problems with their IS provider. I'm ditching Comcast for other reasons (evil vile company that it is).

Have a nice day!!!!! :)

Merci said...

I wish I could ditch them! Only other option around here is dial-up. Ugh.

Zelda Parker said...

I am having trouble too but thought it was my old computer, maybe not? If it weren't for internet we would not find much time to talk these days. Miss ya.

Merci said...

That should improve greatly when the office moves!

We want to have you and Bubba over soon. We've had non-stop weekends for awhile. Should lighten up now, 'til the onslaught of the holidays!

PaxRomano said...

Comcast is EVIL ... and the only damn game in town!

Oh, don't let them hear me, or they'll futz up my internet connection!!