Monday, November 21, 2005

Credit Where It's Due

Mr. Bush sounded much more presidential today when he discussed the controversy over the lead up to the Iraq war. While I feel fairly certain that he has not read my blog ;-) it's as if he saw my post of a week ago, What Divides Us.

Mr. Bush used much more respectful words and intonation in his comments to the press today, and he retreated from the position that those who question his motives for the war are unpatriotic.

Frankly, the insinuation that to question the administration is to aid the enemy is one of the most frightening things I have heard in my entire life. If we cannot question our leaders, then we have lost everything that the founding fathers fought for more than 2 centuries ago.

So thank you, Mr. President, for showing some class today. Here's a toast to many more such occasions!


Virginia Gal said...

hmm..I must have missed that speech, I was laughing too hard at the scene with him in China trying to get out the door :-)
But yes you are right, we enter a facist state if we are unable to question our leaders.

Merci said...

I'm still not an admirer of 43, but I want both sides to be kinder. It is a rare moment of beauty when a politician takes the high road, even if it is because of pressure from the public.
I hope his team is starting to recognize that we're onto their not-so-subtle verbal tricks, and we're sickened by them.

Plus, the psych major in me believes in rewarding desirable behavior in the hope that it will be repeated. ;)