Thursday, November 03, 2005

Prepare to Give Thanks

Having invited guests for Thanksgiving dinner, I have now paused to take stock of the Room. What is it about issuing holiday invitations that immediately highlights all of the flaws of your household? The minute the words leave your mouth, it's like an automatic zoom lens focuses in on each fault in rapid succession, creating a documentary that will replay in your brain every spare moment until the guests arrive. Carpet in spare room: dingy; clean or replace! Soffit in kitchen: dusty; clean soffit and wash cookie jars. Bathroom and hallway: need to be painted (doubt I'll get to this one, guests will have to settle for clean). Area rugs in Room: shot, not much improved by recent shampooing - replace! Hounds (2): need baths and nails must be trimmed! Windows: BOY do they need to be washed! And of course the list goes on.

So I guess we'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks, cleaning and shopping and painting (yeah, right). And then there's the yard to think about, and the cars to polish (this will be Mr. Merci's first priority, as strange as it may sound), and, OH YEAH, the meal to plan, and the FOOD shopping, and the cooking...

And when it's all over, I'll give thanks in my spruced-up Room, with good memories and all of the satisfaction of a fait accompli!


Virginia Gal said...

(nodding head) so true, so true, as soon as I look at my bedroom through a stranger's eyes, I find all the messes and places that need fixing up. I suppose it is a good trick to do when spring cleaning.

Merci said...

Yes it is! We joke that we should have lots of company, so that we won't let the house slip into disarray.