Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What's on your desktop?

What's on your desktop background? Here's mine right now:

I change my background frequently. I often use my own photos. I came across this image tonight, and I had to use it for a little while. Anyone who knows dachshunds knows that this is quite an apt portrayal!


Virginia Gal said...

I use to have a pic of this hot guy from a reality show on VHI but now I've changed it to that fairy tale castle in Germany, a winterscape.

PaxRomano said...

I have a photo of some buildings in Center City Philly (a night time photo taken by a photographer in Philadelphia)'s a great picture makes Philly look like Gotham City!

Merci said...

I think I know the castle. Is it Neuschwanstein or something like that? It's beautiful. Didn't they model the castle at Disneyworld after it?

I think Philly is a photogenic city. And we share a love for photos of architecture.

Virginia Gal said...

Merci - that's it, Neuschwanstein. I love that castle!