Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pax's Homemade Meme

Pax Romano created a meme and tagged everyone who stops by his blog, so here goes:

1: Black and White or Color; how do you prefer your movies?
I like 'em all, but I always return to the classic B&W's.
2: What is the one single subject that bores you to near-death?
Sports statistics and replays.
3: MP3’s, CD’s, Tapes or Records: what is your favorite medium for prerecorded music?
CD's; I never thought it would happen, but I've finally reached an age where I don't care to mess much with new technology, so no iPod for me. Yet.
4: You are handed one first class trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world and ten million dollars cash. All of this is yours provided that you leave and not tell anyone where you are going … ever. This includes family, friends, everyone. Would you take the money and ticket and run?
Not without my husband and my dogs.
5: Seriously, what do you consider the world’s most pressing issue now?
Religious and political fundamentalism.
6: How would you rectify the world’s most pressing issue?
Eliminate weapons of every kind. OK, you didn't say it had to be possible.
7: You are given the chance to go back and change one thing in your life; what would that be?
College major/career choice.
8: You are given the chance to go back and change one event in world history, what would that be?
The Holocaust.
9: A night at the opera, or a night at the Grand Ole’ Opry – Which do you choose?
A night at the opera. I love classical music. Country is OK, but I need small doses.
10: What is the one great unsolved crime of all time you’d like to solve?
Who stiffed us on the bill at lunch yesterday?
11: One famous author can come to dinner with you. Who would that be, and what would you serve for the meal?
If dead authors may be chosen: Jane Austen, and I'd serve a smorgasbord of tasty modern food. For a living author, I'd choose Geraldine Brooks, and we'd eat out, at the restaurant of her choice. I wouldn't want to be distracted by serving food and clearing dishes.
12: You discover that John Lennon was right, that there is no hell below us, and above us there is only sky: what’s the first immoral thing you might do to celebrate this fact?
Is morality only a function of religious belief?


PaxRomano said...

I fear that number 10 could only be solved by those CSI guys (CSI, HAMMONTON!)

As for number 12: of course it isn't but for it works well with this questionarie!

Love the snowfall !!!!

Merci said...

OK, new answer to #12: Eat ice cream every day, at every meal (and between meals, too) for the rest of my life!

PaxRomano said...

Wow! I love that idea!

Merci said...

Thanks! Love the meme; well done, as usual ;)

Joe Tornatore said...

number 10, i didn't see Sarah open her purse not once. lol

Merci said...

She gets a pass this time around. ;) Everyone else is a suspect

Virginia Gal said...

Did you solve the crime (I like that you kept it local, hee hee)?
Jane Austin would be my pick also.

Weary Hag said...

I loved your meme answers! Great job! I enjoyed reading this. It's so neat to really learn more about our blogging buddies.

Merci said...

Weary Hag-
Memes are good blogging fodder. It's fun to answer the questions, and, you're right, it's especially fun to learn about each other.