Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cover Story

It's been more than a week since my last post. Here are some possible explanations for my absence. Choose your favorite, or come up with a new one for me!

  • My husband and I flew off to Ireland to for St. Pat's. We stayed at one of our favorite haunts, Ashford Castle, which is the spot where we spent our 10th anniversary.

  • We've been too busy preparing the hounds for an upcoming AKC show to spend much time on the net.
  • We won the lottery and had to take time off to handle all of the legalities involved.
  • We had an unexpected offer to buy the house (which was not on the market), and it was too good to refuse. We've been tied up with the details, and have had to start looking for a new home.
  • My hard drive crashed.
  • I've been working late on projects at work.
  • Our cable service (including broadband) has been down for 5 days. I'm not happy with my ISP.
  • Hangovers from too many green drinks.
  • My sister got engaged and we've been planning her wedding.
  • My husband has had the flu and I've had a sinus infection.
  • Heavy winds along the coast felled one of the tall pine trees in our yard, and it landed on the house. Fortunately, no humans or hounds were harmed. There is a big blue tarp over the new family room as I speak, but the repairs should be completed this week.
  • We've been helping Mom to prepare to move into our home.
  • I've been working on the final draft of my first novel, due to be released this summer.


Random Kath said...

I'm hoping it was the Ireland trip, and not the tree in the family room! (hope all's ok - glad you're safe and sound.)

Merci said...

random kath-
Actually, the dog ate my blog :).

I'm fine, I've just been a combo of busy at work and tired at home.

PaxRomano said...

I thought it was all the time you have been spending with Bob Barker trying to get the Beverly Hills Dog Walking Clinic off the ground!

PS, Betty White gave me a million as start up, and I'll I had to do was take her out for drinks!!!

Virginia Gal said...

While I would love for it to be the lottery one, I think its probably something more mundane, no?

Are your dogs eligible for the AK show? I'd love to see that (miss their pic's on the blog).

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, I just hope you won't be moving mom into the family room, at least until you have the tarp removed. This is the first time I've heard "Too many green drinks refered to as "Heavy winds along the coast", really dear, it seems you're turning into Lillian Roth right before our very eyes! ;)

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, can you believe it, Pax admiting to sleeping with Betty White, I'm just shocked, poor Whatshisname. I can't say that I approve but at least she's close to Pax's age.

Merci said...

That's it, the dog walking clinic! I've been too busy shopping for leashes and snackies.

Miss Magnolia seems to think that "take her out for drinks is a euphemism. Fess up, now...

Virginia Gal-
You're right, I've been wallowing in mundanity (if that's a word). Work and sleep, that's about it these days.

One of my hounds is pedigreed, but she is pet quality - definitely not a show dog. And she's far too old for the ring, anyway. The other is clearly a dachshund, too, but he is from a shelter. No pedigree there!

Miss Magnolia-
Thank you for my Monday dose of laughter! I just read a biography of Lillian Roth online. Not too shabby! Wish I had her voice.

Mom decided that she could wait a week or so, until the roof is patched up and the pine needles have been removed from the carpet. Then the family room is all hers. Hope she doesn't mind our impromptu visits to watch the Sopranos on Sunday nights...

As for Pax and WHN, I have it on good authority that they've worked through the Betty White indiscretion, and they're giving it another go. The "For Sale" sign has come down at the Villa, and Utopia has heaved a huge sigh of relief.