Thursday, May 04, 2006

This, That, 'n' Other Things

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, so, of course, there will be yet another food fest at work. Ay Carumba!

Ever since the doctor told me a couple of months back that my sugar level is creeping up (yes, there is diabetes in my family, so I have to be careful), it seems like there has been nothing but one pig-out after another around the office. I'm going to contribute something to the fete, in the spirit of the day, but I might not stick around the office for lunch.

I had a bit of a Mexican gastronomic cheat tonight. We ate out, and I partook of the chips and salsa, so I really must behave myself tomorrow. At least salsa has some redeeming nutritional value.

Putting my plans to abstain into print helps, since some of the folks at work drop by my blog from time to time. In the spirit of love and generosity (haha) they'll be more than glad to remind me if I should be caught with a taco or a piece of cake.

Between the sugar thing and some other stuff (mostly the other stuff), I've been feeling pretty lousy lately. There has been improvement, though, and I don't have headaches every day anymore.

Still, I felt bad enough to stay home on Tuesday. Every morning this week has been a struggle, and I'll be glad when Saturday arrives. Guess this is why my posting has slowed down a bit lately. I've been pretty tired, and my memory isn't what it should be. I keep putting the wrong dates on stuff, and I just plain forget things.


I posted about the wild dogwoods last Saturday. They grow in the woods around my home. They're still blooming, and they're still lovely. I know how pretty the Washington DC area can be in the spring, and I wonder if Random Kath and Virginia Gal are experiencing as much beauty right now.


I'm thinking of changing my blog template. I want to do more than mess with the color scheme and decor, I want to set up a different style. I would like to have only one sidebar, and I want it to be on the right side, so that my posts have a stronger presence on the page and are easier to read. If I do change templates, I guess I'll have to start all over again with the blogroll, etc, and I'll have to learn my way around the new template. Seems a bit daunting. Well, I guess it'll be OK if I save a copy of my current template so that I can go back if I make a muddle of things. Has anyone tried this? If so, how'd it go?


How 'bout those gas prices? Yes, the length of my commute increased sixfold this year, and I continue to be punished for it. Not only do I get a lot less sleep (I also go in earlier now) and have a long drive every day, but life conspires to add out of control gas prices to my lot. I know, it's not personal, and it's affecting everyone right now. But it feels personal when I pull out of the gas station a couple of times a week...

Still, the environmentalist in me thinks that the gas prices could have a silver lining. We have to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and we have to stop sending CO2 and other toxins into the atmosphere. Maybe higher fuel prices will make us see the light.


Virginia Gal said...

Kudos to you Merci for watching what you eat, my mother was just diagnosised with diabetes and we are having a heck of a time monitoring her food. Thankfully she is realizing that she has to eat healthy and it has to come from within.

Sorry to hear you are under the weather, are you getting enough rest during the week?

Yes, it is beautiful down here now, finally! My mother's garden is looking gorgeous, big pink flowers, the long purple stems of something else, green everywhere - I love this time of year living in Virginia. Come down and visit, we would love to show you around!

Random Kath said...


I know what you mean about office food - we are known around here for having at least some sort of cake party a week . . . it's very hard to ignore, especially if you are having a crappy day. I am trying to watch what I eat also . . . diabetes runs in my family too and I try hard to stay off the sweets and try to not so many carbs.

I'm having the same troubles with headaches, forgetting stuff and being tired and I'm trying to ratchet down the activities, but it doesn't seem to be working too well - thus my staying home today. We have to remember to take care of ourselves . . . even though it is easier said than done. :-)

Yes, it IS gorgeous down here and the weather is playing nicely for now (kncok on wood!). I hope to get to take a leisurely walk this weekend and hope you get to do so too!

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Best wishes to your mother. Improving your diet is a process, and it does not happen overnight. This is different from dieting to lose weight because cheating has different implications. A piece of cake means something else altogether. There's also an emotional response, denial and acceptance to go through.

I'm lucky - I just have to watch my diet. The sugar problem was found in the process of testing for some other stuff, and I got the information early enough to make a dramatic difference in the rest of my life, if I watch what I eat. I didn't feel so lucky at first, though.

I came across a book called The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes by Gretchen Becker. It's been helpful to me.

Wish I was in VA to see the spring! I've been to Williamsburg in April in the past, and it was a joy! One of these days, I'll book a tour of the area with VGTravel!

Random Kath-
They've scheduled another pigout (a strawberry fest)for the end of this month at the office. This is in addition to whatever stuff people bring in randomly throughout the month. You'd think folks in the human services would begin to recognize the use of food for handling stress! I was well-behaved yesterday. I had my regular lunch, and I limited my party fare to the veggies and fruit (which, fortunately, were delicious).

Hope your day off helped. I'm relieved that today is Saturday, and a nice long walk is planned for later in the day. :)