Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Random Thoughts

I'm reading a book called Lamb by Christopher Moore. The book is about the missing years of Jesus' (who is named Joshua in the book) life, as told by his friend and travelling companion, Biff. In one chapter, Joshua and Biff encounter a Yeti, along with a group of Buddhist monks. Biff asks Gaspar (one of the wisemen who visited Jesus after his birth, and now the head monk of the monastery) where the Yeti lives. Gaspar replies, "We don't know. A cave somewhere, I suppose."

This made me wonder if the Yeti might not have his own blog called, "A Cave Somewhere." What do you think it would look like? Something like this, perhaps? Just curious....


Quick trivia question: Which nationally celebrated one-year-old is nicknamed, "Butterstick?"


I returned to work today, after a weeklong shutdown of state services. It was a busy day, but it could have been worse. My voice mail was full, with 12 aggravated messages, all from 2 people. Yep, one person left one message, and another person left eleven messages over the course of the week before she figured out that the office was closed.


I've decided to do some comparative shopping research. I'm looking for the best
Cosmopolitan cocktail in South Jersey. I checked out a couple of contenders over the weekend, and the search continues. This could be a life project, since one may only consume so many Cosmos at any one time, and I just don't imbibe all that often.

All suggestions regarding venues will be appreciated. List your favorite Southern NJ bar, lounge, taproom, restaurant or club, and I'll consider a visit (time, gas prices and willing companions permitting, since I won't go out for drinks alone, and it goes without saying that I won't drink and drive).


I've had more trouble with this post than you can imagine. My browser crashed before I saved it the first time around, and I had to reconstruct the entire thing. I can't seem to keep the formatting the way I want it, and I'm having a lot of trouble with the "Edit Html" feature. Sorry if the appearance of this post is poor.


MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, unless it's a old Jewish woman, in Capri pants, in Boca, I have no idea just a "Yeti" is.

Your wise not to go to Speakeasies unescorted, God forbid, you'd get caught in a raid and that would ruin your reputation. Only B Girls frequent cocktail lounges without an escort, although they usually leave with one.

Merci said...

Dear Miss Magnolia-

A Yeti is an abominable snowman. I've known a Yetta, and more than one yenta, so I understand your description perfectly well!

You are right about the appropriate escort or chaperone when visiting drinking establishments. Momma has always proven to be right about these things, and I will always defer to her teaching!

Was it Anna Christie (Gabo film) with the scene in the bar where there are separate entrances for ladies and gentlemen? I seem to remember Marie Dressler as a bit of a tippler in that scene.

Merci said...

There I go again, bad typing. Make that a Garbo film!

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Yes Darling, it was Anna Christie, the bar in the film did have seperate entrances. Marie Dressler, whom I just adore, played "Marthy" and "tippler" is putting it mildly.

joey b. said...

Cosmo Search: I would check out Epic Grille in Mays Landing (perhaps after the move). However I am a Dive Slob, so that is my only recommendation.

Merci said...

Thanks, Joey B. I haven't been there in quite awhile. Might make a nice jaunt one weekend soon! And so very close to the mall, hmmmm...

PaxRomano said...

NO! a cocktail and a jaunt to the mall spells disaster! Just ask Magnolia; I recall that time she had four Harvey Walbangers and then strolled on into the Fairview Mall. An hour later she left with a Dorthy Hamil wedge cut and a new wardrobe from Sears...very sad indeed.

Merci said...

Harvey Wallbangers, are they made with Galliano? Mmmmmm! Ms. Magnolia, I'll meet you at the Fairview Mall. We can share fashion tips and accompany one another to the lounge for some summertime refreshment!

Joe Tornatore said...

looks like Froto's dwelling if you ask me but don't listen to me...I'm non-essential.

Merci said...

That makes about 45,000 of us.