Thursday, December 28, 2006

5 Things You Don't Know About Me (and Maybe Didn't Want To)

OK, here goes with the, "5 Things," meme. I was tagged awhile back by Frank at iFlipFlop to do this meme, but the holidays and Mom's illness slowed me down a bit.

1. I love to travel, but I'm a terrible homebody. Coming home from somewhere (the mall, a party, a vacation) is one of my greatest pleasures.

2. I'm in a bit of a transition period right now, so home doesn't exactly feel like home. I'll probably buy a house sometime in 2007.

3. I'm generally pretty quiet. When I'm home alone, I don't often have the TV or the stereo on. I love music and I love entertainment (I'm going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in AC tonight), but it usually just doesn't occur to me to make noise. Can't someone invent a truly quiet washer/dryer/dishwasher/heater that's affordable to the masses? One thing my new home is likely to have is a separate laundry room, hopefully far from the main living area!

4. My current digs won't allow dogs, but cats are allowed (for an additional monthly fee). I love all animals, and I had a chance to adopt a kitten on Christmas Eve, but I'm allergic to cats. Another reason to buy a house soon!

5. I doubt very much that I will live in New Jersey after I retire. New Jersey has become crowded, traffic-jammed and noisy since I was a child, and has lost far too much of its woodlands and wetlands, in my opinion. The wide-open spaces of the Midwest beckon.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Christmas was odd for me this year, with Mom sick and the family a bit hectic, but I survived.

I had a lovely dinner out with a friend last night. We dined at a fine restaurant in Millville, of all places! Winfield's is surprisingly chic and urban in decor, and they have quite a martini menu. I had a tartini, which was delicious, and included muddled raspberries in the mix. I also had a nice glass of merlot with my steak au poivre (one of the specials last night), and (the ladies will appreciate this) I had creme brulee for dessert.

Well, time to gear up for the New Year. Here's to a spectacular 2007 for all!


Anonymous said...

Cremee Brulee, now I am envious. Just kidding. Peace

Merci said...

It was a wonderful evening out! And they make a pomegranate martini, too...

Evil Chicken said...

I too have always wanted a separate laundry room! It would be great to be able to throw the dirty clothes in a pile and the clean ones on a table and shut the door on the lot of ‘em. Yeah, I like that way that sounds. Yeah – separate laundry rooms’ rock. Speaking of things that rock so does the Trans Siberian Orchestra!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Merci, you are on to something...silent things on your list...Happy New Year...2007 is going to be great...out of transition comes all kinds of new possibilities...cheers to you!

Joe Tornatore said...

ditto on #5. going to puddle jump cruise ships inot the sunset, or should I say evening shade of life?