Thursday, July 05, 2007

2nd Monday and Stuff

Today felt like Monday all over again. After having the day off yesterday for the Fourth (funny how we almost never call it Independence Day), getting up for work was like getting up on a Monday morning. 2 Mondays in one week, yikes.

Not that I'm complaining...


Maybe I watched too much of the 'Twilight Zone' marathon yesterday. One episode I saw was about a man who went back in time to the day of Lincoln's assassination. He wanted to stop John Wilkes Booth from completing the deed, but he couldn't do it.

Ever wonder how the world might be different today with just one small change in history? Imagine what would have happened if Benjamin Franklin had decided to remain loyal to the throne of England. He moderated much of the angry debate in Philadelphia prior to the Declaration of Independence, he persuaded many to join the fray, and he was the tie to our important French allies at the time of the war. He was a diplomat's diplomat.
Where would the US today be without Ben's influence on our history? What if he had used his considerable intellectual powers on behalf of Jolly Old England? Cricket, anyone? Would there ever have been a George Bush or a war in Iraq?

All questions, no answers. Like I said, too much 'Twilight Zone.'


Pax Romano said...

I was watching the Twilight Zones also...such great TV, miles beyond the crap we have today.

Rod Serling was a genius!

"The book, 'To Serve Man', it's a COOK BOOK!!!"

Merci said...

Yes, he was a genius. Simple sets and black and white film, but it took you places the new stuff can't even dream about.

I've been watching the Dead Like Me marathon tonight. At least it's quirky; beats out most recent TV shows!

mommanator said...

TV whats that? realy nothing on worth watching! get so aggrivated paying for those extra channels

virginia gal said...

funny, I do often wonder what would have happened if one little thing had changed - fascinating. Its probably why I love historical fiction, to see how little things in life made big differences (i.e. Katharine of Aragon had had a surviving son, King Henry would never have divorced her etc).

Merci said...

Especially now that House is in reruns! I'm contemplating doing without the Evil Cable Empire in the new home, but I'm not sure I have the fortitude...

Virginia Gal-
Have you ever read a book called Katherine by Anya Seton? It's a bit of a bodice-ripper romance, but the tale is based on real historical figures,even though the details are fictionalized. It's better than the average romantic novel, and the real-life aspect of the romance is intriguing.

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Oops! And my point in mentioning Katherine is that the heroine was a minor historical figure who ended up having a major impact on English history.