Sunday, September 09, 2007


Made a not-so-quick trip up the road this past week. I'm home today, and desperately in need of sleep after the grueling 1200 mile ride. More to come.

I suspect that at least one fellow blogger will recognize the image above!


Anonymous said...

Merci, I must say I laugh like a junior high boy every time I see that company sign. I mean, really.

Glad your LOOOONG trip went well..and look forward to hearing more.



Pax Romano said...

Well at least they did not spell it with a "c".

Welcome home, reds!

Merci said...

Makes me laugh, too. Right in the middle of the staid Midwest!

Might as well have-the effect is the same!

mommanator said...

Welcome Home, Will I see ya this week when I come to officeland? or are you still off?

Merci said...

Still off! Making my final move this week, so you'll have to come see me at the house one of these days soon.

Virginia Gal said...

How was your vaction (I'm saying it with a Spanish accent, though I've forgotten how to spell it in Spanish)?

Joe Tornatore said...

not a member of either the Mile High or Mile per hour club. te-he.

Zelda Parker said...

glad you're back. Good luck settling into your new digs. No pun intended. Peace