Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Uncharitable Thoughts

I'm frightened by the things I see in the US economy. As a Democrat and political moderate, I generally have a charitable view of the opinions of the opposition. Not today. I'm tired of being afraid for our country and afraid for my own future. The present political and financial status of the US and of US Americans is the worst since the time of the Great Depression. I don't want to take the not-so-gentle ribbing of the Religious Right/Republican Party anymore. I don't want email in my inbox that is pro-right. I don't want to hear people praise the fools who have ruined our once (no longer) great nation. And I am tired of having right wing extremist philosophies equated with Christianity.

And please, no more stupid commercials about lipstick on pigs or anything else ridiculous. Tell me how you plan to fix the mess you've made. That's all I want to hear.

Maybe this will pass. Doubt it will happen much before Election Day.


mommanator said...

this definately has gone on long enough. I am definately ready to vote!
I too am insensed with extremists being equated with religion!

miss ya!

Merci said...

Miss you too! The ridiculously long election cycle this time around is my side's fault: Obama started way too soon. The STOOPID ads, well, both sides can share the blame. I just want real information. I want respect from both sides. Really, is it too much to ask in these very serious times?

Joe Tornatore said...

i think the economy is worse than imagined. i think alot is being hidden until after the election. I fear a nosedive after that.

citizen of the world said...

Holding politicians accountable is not uncharitable. Nor is expecting the religoius right to get off their high horse and start practicing the compassion Jesus preached. I'm just fed up.

Pax Romano said...


Welcome to the Wrecking Ball.

It's time to move to Canada, methinks... maybe Miss Mags can put us up at her place in Moose Jaw!

Virginia Gal said...

I am praying this too will pass, and hopefully the debates will show how dumb downed the Republican party has gotten.

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