Monday, October 13, 2008

Where I've Been

Made a pilgrimage to the heartland this week. A LONG pilgrimage: it's a 19 hour, 1214 mile drive. We broke the trip up this year and stayed in the Toledo area (the half-way point) overnight. Thank goodness for clean, pet-friendly motels!

This is a beautiful tree by the driveway to the farm.

More of the driveway.

Corn crib at sunrise.

Fields leading to the slew.

Random Iowa scenery.

The farmhouse from across the neighbor's fields.

Daisy loved being a farm dog!

The north fields.

Where pasta really comes from.

At least somebody slept on the ride home!

Back home, and longing for the freedom to roam the fields.


citizen of the world said...

That's really beautiful. Such a different place than the green hills I've grown used to. I love the variety of lansdscape in this big country.

Merci said...

citizen of the world-
I love the variety, too! They've done a good job at the farm, and the house is on a green hill, with some old growth trees on the lot for shade and beauty. The rest of the land is pretty much dedicated to agriculture.

mommanator said...

AnD I thought Barilla' was made in Italy!
I am glad for pet friendly motels too. We took our dog to MD and we took the pooch!
Looked like a lovely time was had by all. Did ya do any potato harvesting!

Merci said...

Yup, the Barilla factory is in Iowa. Go figure.

No potatoes - I think they would be a product of Idaho, generally speaking. Corn and soy are the major products, though the Barilla factory testifies to the presence of wheat crops, too.

Zelda Parker said...

Wow! great pictures. Hope you are feeling better soon.