Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Aquariums, laptop-shopping and facebook taking up my time these days, oh my! Must find time to post. I like blogger better than facebook, yet somehow facebook draws you in. Social engineering at it's finest. Or most devious.

I'll come up with a real post soon, I promise!


secret agent woman said...

That's funny - I dopped out of facebook because I found it wasn't remotely compelling!

Merci said...

Secret Agent Woman-
I'm not crazy about it, but it does keep me in touch with a few friends and family members, and in real time. I've pretty much opted out of the quiz and send-your-friend-a-hug (or heart, or drink)things because they're mainly designed to gather personal information on everybody. I think there's a lot of the whole high-school popularity thing going on with it. One of the first things you see on everyone's profile page is how many friends they have. And some of the applications actually taunt you to participate by pitting you against your friends, and telling you that you can find out what your friend said about you if you "click here." I wish that stuff would go away, and I don't participate in it.

However, many people check their facebook pages regularly, and sometimes it's easier and faster to use facebook than it is to use email.

I'm in for now, but maybe not for the long haul. It's just the flavor of the day, and something new is sure to come along.