Saturday, December 26, 2009

Here's a clip of Daisy in the snow this week.

And here's one of Muttley.

The snow is gone now, and we pretty much have a lake in the backyard. And it's still raining.

Quick question for my techie friends:

Would I get better video quality here if I published to youtube or another site before adding a video clip? The quality of these clips is better than the images you're seeing here. I uploaded from my PC directly to blogger.


secret agent woman said...

No idea aboutthe quality, but these look fine to me. And cute.

Frank said...

Oh, that is so cute. My girl loves the snow, too. It's all gone now...fortunately we had good lake.

Merci said...

secret agent woman-
Thanks! Glad they look OK.

Fortunately, the lake in our yard didn't last long, but there is a lot of flooding in this area.

Daisy and Muttley are pretty much all weather dogs, which is great!

Virginia Gal said...

Muttley cracks me up!! I love how his ears curl. He looks like he has such a personality, kinda dumb but in a lovable way?? Thank you for the great videos!

Karl said...

Looks like Daisy is having a great time!

mommanator said...

looks like they both love the snow, The quality is fine! but I'm not a techy

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Muttley is quite a character, but he's not dumb! He's smart enough to be disobedient. He's pretty good inside the house, but he won't come when we call him outside. We're planning to work on that as soon as the weather warms up a bit.

Karl and Mommanator-
They both enjoyed the snow, and neither one is bothered by the cold weather.

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