Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Broken Record

Preview for the weather forecast coming up at 11:00, "Record breaking temperatures are on the way." Same thing they say every night these days. It's like listening to a broken record.


secret agent woman said...

The other day I caught the weather at 6:30 am - the weather guy said it was still cool - only 74! - but would be warming up during the day.

Virginia Gal said...

In Arizona, we got on the weather report today the guy saying "it will ONLY be 100" I thought, oh bummer, only 100, ha ha.

mommanator said...

Hey there glad to see you are posting! funny what the heat will do! I am in MD be up that way in couple of weeks! MUST HAVE GIRLS NIGHT OUT!
It is cooler in Fl than here!