Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Half Asleep and Too Stupid

Haven't been sleeping too well lately. I fall asleep, and I sleep soundly, but I don't stay asleep long enough. Still groggy in the AM, however.

Made the coffee this morning. Half asleep and too stupid, forgot to put the removable basket into the swing-out thingy. Came back 20 minutes later: coffee all over the countertop. Good morning, Merci!

Can't complain. At least it stayed on the counter. I can picture it now: 2 old hounds (15 and 13+) lapping up black coffee from the kitchen floor, me chasing them away with a roll of Bounty and a mop. Coffee and old dog bladders. Bad combo. Guess I actually lucked out! That's it then, guess this is just my lucky day!

Hope yours is lucky, too. ;-)


Maidink said...

LOL! It should be your lucky day now 'cause you got the bad, silly stuff out of the way! :)

Virginia Gal said...

oh I hope the day goes better - like you open the door tonight and Ed McMann is waiting on the other side, with a big check!

Merci said...

Maidink - The rest of the day wasn't too bad!

VG - If he doesn't come to my door, then I hope he shows up at yours!