Sunday, September 18, 2005

We have a friend who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. He lives in Long Beach, MS, and he works in the casino industry. He's OK, and we'll see him soon. We're confident that he will recover materially. We haven't heard the details of his story yet, so it's too soon for us to gauge the amount of emotional trauma that he endured and the impact that it will have on his life. We do know that he has family and friends ready to help, and he has education and job skills, all of which will make an enormous difference in his recovery.

Our friend asked us to visit the Gulf Coast many times in the past, with a visit to New Orleans as one of the highlights. We planned to make the trip sometime; wish we had done so. Perhaps in future years we will be able to visit a newer, safer region that sets the standard for economic and social equity.

With such an enormous area impacted by the storm (an area the size of Great Britain), and with tens of thousands of people displaced, the effects of Hurricane Katrina reach far and wide. How many of you know someone affected by the disaster? Have you done anything to contribute to the recovery effort?

We have contributed to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, and we plan a contribution to an animal welfare organization, as well. We might send a donation to Habitat for Humanity when the rebuilding begins in earnest.


Joe Tornatore said...

new orleans was the only city off the eastern seaboard I have visited. i hope your friend rebounds.

Virginia Gal said...

Thankfully the few friends I have in the Gulf region are all ok, just lost power/water for a week.
For this crisis, I wanted to give to one of my favorite charities, Doctors without Borders, but they were sending everyone to the Red Cross, so instead gave to Habitat, another fave. I think what will be important is helping out when the media goes away. I still give to Doctors without Borders for Tsunami relief, those people still need help, even if everyone has moved on.

Maidink said...

I know no one from the area. Neither does Geo.

As for donations, I'm not a huge Red Cross fan. My preference is The Salvation Army. But after reading your post, we might give to habitat, also.

Merci said...

I'm sure he'll be OK. But can you imagine starting over completely? Wow!
Doctors w/out Borders, what a good idea! I agree that it will be important to help out when the media goes away.
I'm a sucker for the Salvation Army kettles at the holidays, and I know they do go work. I hesitate about the Red Cross, too.

Merci said...

Of course, that should say GOOD work!

Joe Tornatore said...

i made a copy of the template program code for you. next time i see you unless you have a better idea...

Merci said...

Thank you! I'm such a beginner!

I'm not up there too often. You could leave it with Pax or Zelda for me, or any other ideas?

Joe Tornatore said...

i'll leave it with Pax.

Merci said...

Thanks, Joe!