Friday, October 07, 2005

10 Stupid Things I Have Done Lately

1. Set coffee cup on sliding keyboard tray, then promptly slid
tray back in (caught it in time, thank you).
2. Failed to get haircut with wedding pending. Hey, it's not my wedding, who's gonna be looking at my hair?
3. Agreed to go to NYC for said wedding. Flooding rains and
terror alerts promptly ensued.
4. Bought cool pocketbook that will not stay on shoulder, even
without bulk of winter coat.
5. Bought cool pocketbook that will not fit in locking desk drawer at work.
6. Placed wallet from cool pocketbook into locking desk drawer, then failed to retrieve it when leaving office for field visit. Driving without license in possession=best speed limit enforcement around!
7. Put touch up color on hair (gentlemen, avert eyes please) and on white curtains as well. Actually, white curtains with RED trim: simply bleaching dye out NOT an option.
8. Put clothes in dryer with fistful of change in pockets. What an unholy racket! Had to go back 3 times before all coins were retrieved. Yeah, yeah, I know, money laundering.
9. Made husband responsible for directions to NY (quakes visibly in boots). Might get permanently lost in Yonkers. Might end up in DC.
10.Made list of 10 stupid things but can only think of 9. Maybe
not as stupid as originally thought!


Virginia Gal said...

Money laundering, hee hee - laughed out loud on that one.
If you end up in DC, feel free to give me a buzz, you can take a rest stop, have some tea and we'll put you back on the road in the right direction :-)

Merci said...

We made it all in one piece! I'll post about it later.
Thanks for the offer of tea-I'll take a raincheck.