Monday, October 03, 2005

Blogger Mayday

I have a significant anniversary coming up, and I have to find a gift for my husband. Any suggestions? I'm kind of stumped this time around. I've done the watch thing and the ring thing in the past. Gotta come up with something new. All suggestions (serious or otherwise) will be considered!


Virginia Gal said...

Well not knowing your husband, but thinking of wedding anniversary gifts for my parents, perhaps a nice weekend stay at a bed and breakfast?
Or if your husband is anything like my father, he loves gadgets, especially kitchen ones!
One of my friend's got her husband tickets to a game of one of his favorite sports teams.
I'm sure whatever you give, he'll love!

Joe Tornatore said...

how about a cruise ship he hasn't been on? maybe a new liner or new port of call.

Merci said...

VG and Joe-
All excellent ideas and food for thought.

PaxRomano said...

Maybe he'd like a new pet: a hamster, perhaps...sorry just kidding.

Get him a gift certificate to his favorite store; take him out to dinner to his favorite resturant (or order-in from his fave place) know what, you might want to consult with Magnolia; she's had like 82 husbands!

Merci said...

Thanks, Pax.

I'm sure the hotdogs would go nuts with a hamster in the house!