Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've been tagged by Virginia Gal over at Gypsy Thoughts to tell you five weird things about myself. This will not be difficult for me ;-).

  • I dropped typing in high school to take music theory. Now I type every day, at home and at work, but I never write or analyze music.
  • I like a sandwich the day after Christmas made from a slice of leftover ham, some cheddar cheese, and a pineapple ring (leftover from the ham) on a raisin bagel (warmed up a little to soften the cheese).
  • I never learned my multiplication tables, at least not all of them. When I must figure something out, I just do some rapid adding from the last known multiple. It really doesn't hold me back that much. I ruled out math and science majors early on in my education, though I promise I passed all of my classes...
  • I studied French (yes, the language of social work) in high school and college. I even won an award in high school for best foreign language student (kinda makes up for the poor showing with the multiplication tables). Thing is, I can't remember very much of what I learned.
  • When I'm under a lot of stress, I can zone out in front of solitaire games (especially mahjongg solitaire) and word games for hours. Literally for hours, with barely a break.
  • I didn't drink coffee until about 5 or 6 years ago. Couldn't stand it. Now I drink it pretty much every day (just ask Pax).

And see, my math skills are still shaky. I listed 6 things instead of 5!


Virginia Gal said...

hee hee - six instead of five.
However did you get away with not learning all your multiplication tables, you'd need them for alegbra in high school. Ironically I'm very bad at math also, but the one thing I did take away was my multiplication tables (as you can see I didn't take away spelling, God Bless spell checker).

Merci said...

Algebra was OK, and so was geometry, believe it or not! I was great at word problems, go figure.

Zelda Parker said...

I hated math of any kind until I landed in honors Physics. The teacher did not tell me it was an honors class, nor that we were really doing math most of the time. Go figure? Math mental block?
As long as I can balance my checkbook and calculate a tip at lunch what more do I need?

Merci said...

After my Dad pointed out that I was mechanically inclined, I suddenly got better at figuring out how things work and how they are assembled. What we believe about our abilities plays a big role in what we can accomplish.

I wish he had told me this when I was much younger, and that he had taken me out to the garage to fix cars with him. I think I might have been pretty happy as a grease monkey.

I took honors Chem, OUCH! And English one year, but the sentence diagramming, yuck. I later took semesterized English, something they didn't really encourage for college bound students. Since my verbal SAT scores were good, I didn't worry about it too much. I loved it, and I learned more than I had in all of my other years of English combined.

I think I took honors Bio, too. You know me well enough to know that I had a very difficult time with dissection! All I remember is that things looked very different inside of a giant worm or a crayfish or a big, big frog than they did on a diagram. I think we had a grasshoppery thing to dissect, as well. I still think the crop and the tympanic membrane were missing on the creatures they gave me. And I can still smell the formaldehyde...

And ladies, just for the record,I know how to multiply, of course. I just don't know all of the tables. But think about it. If you have a problem that falls outside the tables, don't you do the same thing I do? Say you have to figure out 13X15. Don't you mentally say 10X15 is 150, then add 45 to that for the extra 3X15 to come up with 195? I just have to do that a little bit sooner than most people.