Sunday, January 29, 2006

What a Zoo

We took a quick trip to the zoo on Saturday. Not the Philly zoo, we weren't up for that much travel this weekend. We headed out for Cape May in the afternoon. On the way to Cape May, we had a change of heart and stopped off at the zoo in Cape May Court House instead. For those of you who don't know Cape May County very well, Cape May Court House really is the name of the town. And yes, the county courthouse is right there in the center of town.

Anyway, it was a bit on the late side when we walked into the zoo. We had just under an hour for our visit. That's OK, since we're local and we can go back any time. Admission is free.

I had my digicam with me, so I took some pics. The light wasn't the best, since the sun was starting to set. Most of my shots seemed to be backlit, which is fatal to quality. If I had known we were going to the zoo, I might have taken my 35 mm with me. The digicam has that tiny bit of shutter lag that makes getting good pics of animals a challenge. Not a problem for things that don't move (the beach in Cape May, Victorian mansions), but not great with living creatures who refuse to pose.

So here they are, a few of the creatures great and small at the
Cape May County Zoo:

The Snowy Owl

Prairie Dogs

Blooming Things

The Tiger

Some Kind of Hog/Boar/Pig

A Camel

Oh, Deer


Ginger with Ruffled Feathers


A Tiny Goat, I Think!

We didn't make it over to the African Savannah to see my favorites, the giraffes. Maybe next time!


Virginia Gal said...

I love pairie dogs they are so cute, but giraffes are one of my favorite animals also, gentle giants, no?

I like the giraffe in the movie "Madagscar."

Maidink said...

Thanks a lot, Merci! Now I have "On The Way to Cape May" and "Wildwood Days" stuck in my head!

I love Cape May (and a lot of other Jersey Shore points). I think Geo and I will take an extended weekened this year and take the Dinks on her first Jersey Shore experience. Now I know there's even a zoo for the munchkin to visit.

PaxRomano said...

I love the owl, now I know what kind of pet I want!

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
The prairie dogs are adorable. I have a pic somewhere of them on top of their mound or burrow or whatever you call it.

I haven't seen "Madagascar" yet, but I want to soon.

I think Dinks will like the zoo. It's big but not huge. It's in the middle of a nice park, too.

The park gets crowded in the summer, especially on cloudy days (bad beach days).

Geo might like Cold Spring Village in Cold Spring, not far from Cape May. They have a Civil War encampment from time to time.

Are you sure you're not a Potter fan???

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

I dreamed last night that
I was a tiger, in the jungle
But I was a big bad tiger, for a lion killed me
And then I was an elephant, a great big elephant
There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do
Till they caught and they brought me to a zoo

So I dreamed I was an alligator
-Crocodile?-No, alligator!
With a great big mouth
And four very funny little legs
Which are no good for dancing
So, then I was a dancing bear
And I was doing my dancing where the bears dance
But I was sneezing,
‘Cause I was a dancing polar bear
and it was freezing

Then I dreamed I was a giraffe
I looked so ridiculous I wanted to laugh
But giraffes can’t talk, so how can they laugh?
Who ever saw a giraffe laugh?

Then I woke up
And I was not a tiger, or and elephant,
I was not an alligator.
-Crocodile? -No, alligator!
I was not a dancing bear or a tall giraffe
I was only me...
And that’s the way I’ll be!
Oh, that’s the way I’ll be
I enjoy being an oyster!

Merci said...

Miss Magnolia-
What a delightful song! 'Fraid I had to Google it (dreadful, I know). I'll have to dig up a copy next time I shop for music.

The song reminds me a little bit of, "The Once and Future King," where Merlin prepares Wart (Arthur) to be king by having him become different creatures.

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

"Sweet Zoo", I think darling, it's included on the fourth Barbara Streisand album. ***

*** Trust a Pansy to know this! ;)

Merci said...

Thank you, Miss Magnolia! I plan to head out to Borders this week sometime. I have a holiday gift certificate to spend...