Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Just a few random Who questions to post tonight:

1. WHO took my remote control??? I have looked everywhere for it, it is nowhere to be found.

2. WHO is unlikely to be
spending any political capital during the State of the Union speech tonight?

3. WHO had the shortest auto repair in history this evening? OK, that's a faux question, it was I! The driver's side windshield wiper was out of order. Turned out they just had to tighten a screw. Wonder if it would have been that simple if the car was not still under warranty...

4. WHO stayed home from work today with a nasty borderline migraine headache/wooziness/etc.? OK, I know the answer to that one, too. 'Twas I, alas. Thank goodness for my generic brand headache formula pain reliever, and lots of sleep in a dark, quiet room!

5. WHO's the king of animals in Africa? OK, really off track now. It's my beloved
Kimba, of course!

6. WHO had better find that remote control right now, before the State of the Union speech begins? Gotta be ready to change the channel quickly if the blood boils. Yes, I know we didn't always have remote controls, that we used to get up off our butts and change the channel by hand. But that was a lot easier to do when tv's had dials (so many of you probably don't remember tv's with dials) than it is with an up and down button that changes one channel at a time, in sequence.

OK, now
CNN is talking about dedicated survivors, the government officials who will not attend the shindig tonight just-in-case-of-disaster. They will be taken to a secure, remote location, and will ensure that the government can continue to operate if a disaster wipes out congress, the Pres, and the VP in one fell swoop. This just might be the most interesting discussion of the evening.

Kudos to CNN, by the way, for bringing fresh blood to their news team from the UK and Australia, and having field reporters from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Maybe one day they'll be as good at hard news as the BBC.


Joe Tornatore said...

I would never have guessed it was you WHO had a screw loose. lol.

Virginia Gal said...

I hope you found the remote, I chose to watch Supernatural on the WB instead of the speech. : )

PaxRomano said...

Whomever took your remote is the related to the gremiln we have at my place!

Merci said...

Joe T-
I think I have more than one screw loose!

Virginia Gal-
My husband found it in the most remarkable place - under a cushion on the couch (I swear I looked there, Pax's gremlin put it there later to mock me).

I think the gremlins are everywhere; they move papers on my desk at work almost every day, and they reorganize my purse when I'm not looking.