Wednesday, February 08, 2006

5 Excuses for Not Blogging

  1. Fatigue and a disrupted sleep cycle
  2. Headaches
  3. Medical appointments (mostly routine)
  4. The Stephen King book (my first) I borrowed from Pax
  5. The dogs ate my post

I set out to come up with 10 reasons, but I'm just too lazy. The weekend (3 days off, hooray) should bring better things.


PaxRomano said...

My fault?

Hope you are loving the book, there will be a quiz later!

Maidink said...

If it were a choice between reading and blogging, I'd be on my bed with a cup of some hot beverage flippin' pages.

Merci said...

No, not your fault, by any means! Thanks for the loan. I'm almost done. She's back in the picture, and the bull is chasing her throught the temple.

The most relaxing days (there aren't many of them) are the days when I can do just what you described.

Virginia Gal said...

Ha ha - the dog ate your post, that is funny!
Do your dogs know you're using them for excuses, hee hee?
When are we going to get another pic of them dressed in a costume, maybe something for St. Patty's day?

Joe Tornatore said...

you looked a helluva lot better than I did today.

Merci said...

You looked fine! Can't wait to see that Sunday post...