Sunday, February 05, 2006


Since I don't have much to say today, here are a few pics to keep the blahg from becoming too blah.

This is the beach in Ocean City this afternoon. The surf was really rough, almost Nor'easter rough. There will be some erosion today. The wind was not unusually strong. One of the worst Nor'easters I remember happened on a perfectly beautiful, sunny day. I headed into Ocean City late in the afternoon for a field visit. I was puzzled by flooding on Ocean Heights Avenue in Somers Point. When I crossed the 9th Street Bridge into Ocean City, I had to turn back because of the flooding on the island. All on a beautiful day. I believe that was the Perfect Storm of Halloween 1991.

This is the Boardwalk looking north from 11th Street this afternoon. You can't tell from the photo, but there were quite a few shoppers on the boards today, and some of the mainstay shops were open (Atlantic Books, Mack and Manco Pizza, The Fudge Kitchen and others).

Here's another beach shot, taken a bit later in the day. Still quite rough out there.

The Fishing Pier
This pier is privately owned by a fishing club and is off-limits to mere mortals.

The Music Pier.
Most of the entertainment on the Boardwalk takes place here. I remember attending services here when I was a teen. My youth group came to OC for a convention every year.

And here it is, the place I refer to as, "The Scene of the Crime." This is the Flanders Hotel, where my hubby and I said, "I Do," oh, so many years ago! She was a grand old dame, and beautiful inside. She's been through a lot - closed, reopened, partially converted to condos, and much more. Perhaps I'll tell my bit of that tale another day...


Joe Tornatore said...

ah the Flanders. know the landmark well.

Virginia Gal said...

pretty pic's!

Those shots of the ocean remind me of the movie I saw this weekend, "Open Water" about the couple who gets left in the Ocean while scuba diving. Very scary movie, psychologically (what would you do it stuck out in the middle of the ocean?).

Merci said...

Yes, she is a big part of OC history.

Virginia Gal-
I haven't seen the movie. I have to admit that I've had a few scary thoughts while cruising. When you look into the waves over the veranda rail in the middle of the night, that enormous cruise ship suddenly seems small, out there in the middle of an endless, powerful ocean. Maybe there is something to be said for those inside cabins...

Maidink said...

I miss OCNJ. I spent many many many summers there between 1970 and 1995. It's so different now. My aunt and uncle rented the same place for the entire summer (May til October) near the corner of 15th and Wesley. There was a house on Ocean directly behind them that was torn down (for some reason or another in, I think, 1981). We always said their back porch was "ocean view property" cause we could see right over the boards to the beach.


Thank you for the smile and helping me bring back fond old memories.

Maybe Geo and I will rent a place there this summer or next.

Merci said...

We love OC, too, though it has changed a lot over the last 5-10 years. 15th and Wesley is a nice location - busy but not rowdy, close enough to the boards and beach. Because we live nearby, we especially like it in the off season.

If you come do come down the shore, let me know if you want to meet up.

Merci said...

Oops...come do come...sounds kind of like a bad Shaun Cassidy song...