Saturday, March 04, 2006

I <3 Saturday

Saturday, the perfect day. A day off, insulated by yet another day off to come. For these wonderful weekend hours, they can't get me. No, I'm not paranoid, just beleaguered and besieged.

I spent my Saturday engaged in one of my favorite activities. Actually, two of my favorite activities. Shopping and dining out. We went to Target and to Borders. We managed to spend a small fortune at my beloved Target, but the purchases at Borders were made with a gift card. I still have two dollars and change left on the card to spend. Excellent!

I bought a book (nothing special, just chick lit), and we picked up a Chopin CD. Our interest in Chopin was piqued by watching
a movie about him last week. The film was a woefully inaccurate depiction of Chopin's life, but we didn't know that until we Googled him later (though I had my suspicions).

We had a late lunch at The Olive Garden. Yes, I like the place. It beats the food court at the mall, and you can actually have a libation with your meal. I had a nice berry sangria, just perfect for mid-afternoon: tasty but not strong. From the look of things, we're not alone in our opinion. The place is always busy, and we had to wait (just briefly) for a table.

Today's theme turned out to be liquid refreshment. We bought a replacement for our one-cup coffee maker. This time, we got the
Senseo. I picked one up for my mom a year or so ago, and I really like it. The blue model now sits proudly on my counter, its first few cups having already been produced and consumed. It brews one or two cups of coffee right into the mug, with a nice crema on top. Wish the red model had been available, but, oh well.

We made one last stop to pick up some beer for the house. Sangria, coffee and beer: a perfect Saturday.


Joe Tornatore said...

love the Olive Garden too. just wish they would change the soup menu. they have offered the same two soups since before the first olives were picked for the first customer's salad.

Anonymous said...

Olive Garden sounds good to me. Mybe today...Cooked and baked yesterday but not today. What a nice weekend it has been, albeit too short!
Need to finish a book..been reading the same one since Christmas!

Merci said...

Joe T.- LOL, you're right about the soup choices!

Anonymous- Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with the book. Hope this is a restful Sunday for you.

Virginia Gal said...

Why should we be ashamed of liking the Olive Garden? I'm tired of urban elitists telling us suburbia is bad and all things chain store are to be despised. Whatever I say!

Merci said...

Thank you, Virginia Gal! You're right! I always have a good meal there, and I always enjoy myself when I go.

Joey B. said...

Sounds like a great Sat. to me. I can't get enough of the Zuppa Toscana and you can't beat Sangria with a stick.

Merci said...

Joey B.-
I like the Zuppa, too. Hmmm, might have to go back for some soon...