Thursday, March 02, 2006

Odds 'n' Ends

Saw this over at Maidink's blog and had to check it out:

Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English
35% Yankee
10% Dixie
5% Upper Midwestern
0% Midwestern

Of course, this doesn't ask about a few definitive words, like water (pronounced "wooder" in the Philly/South Jersey area), or sub vs. hoagie (I grew up saying hoagie, and sub really sounded alien to me. Sadly, sub is the word I use now - blame the move to the shore area and the influence of the husband). I know there are many more words that are important to this region, but it's late, and I can't think of them right now. Help me out here, folks, please! Pax, this is one of your specialties, so gimme a list, OK?

Just thought of another regionalism: down the shore. South Jerseyans and Southeastern Pennsylvanians go down the shore for their vacations. Contrary to common belief, however, people already at the shore do sometimes say that they are going to the beach. Example: "Last week we went down the shore for our vacation. We rented a place on Asbury in OC. It rained on Tuesday, so we didn't go to the beach or boards. We slept in, then went to Charlie's in Somers Point for lunch."


If you haven't already visited Virginia Gal's blog, Gypsy Thoughts, check it out. Her series of posts called, "View from the 23rd Row," is an excellent resource for travelers. It's worth searching her blog for back issues of the series.


Pax's Homemade Meme is circling the world at warp speed. Congrats, Pax, on achieving international renown!


This might just possibly be the longest week at work ever on record. It feels like it, anyway. Will the weekend ever get here? Stay tuned for updates.


I'm convinced that I have a barometer in my brain. I feel all of the high and low pressure systems that move through the area. And oh, those lows! Yesterday was pretty good, as was today, til a few hours ago. I can confirm the change in the weather that is expected to bring precipitation our way today.

'Night all!


Virginia Gal said...

Oh wow, thanks for the shout out Merci - that is so kind of you!
I'm never sure if my advice is any good and its nice to hear that some people are enjoying it and hopefully getting some help.


Maidink said...

Glad to see you made it through the week.

Here's to a prayfully relaxing weekend.

Oh yeah, Philadelphian speaking, the way we pronounce words like "because" is a dead giveaway that you hail from the City of Brotherly Love.

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Yes, I look forward to the posts in this series - along with your other posts, as well!

Yep, survived the week. But I have no right to complain, knowing that you have felt really lousy this week. Hope you're feeling better now, in time for the weekend!