Monday, April 03, 2006

Sea Isle Sunday

Our plans to stay home and relax yesterday were thwarted by the gorgeous weather. We just had to get out and enjoy the day. There are only so many spectacular days in any given year, and we couldn't let the perfect weather go to waste. We decided to take a spin into Sea Isle City for a walk on the boards. Great choice! And it came on the heels of a trip to the boards in Ocean City on Saturday.

We love this time of year because the height of the tourism season hasn't struck. We can find parking spots on the barrier islands, and we can actually walk down the boardwalk (as opposed to being jostled down the boards by the crowds).

It's always a bit cooler on the islands, of course, which is the reason they became such popular tourist spots in the days before air conditioning. The air seemed chilly when we first got out of the car, but we warmed up quickly as we began to walk in the sun. We didn't think it was warm enough for shorts and tees and bare feet, but there were a few people who disagreed with us. I found my warm up suit to be just about the right thing to wear.

Here are some pics of SIC:

Last Fall I wrote a post called, "Sidewinders and Tombstones." In the post I described the benches that line the Sea Isle City boardwalk as tombstones, their epitaphs serving as eerie captions to a dark, deserted, Autumn night. I didn't have any photos to post at the time, so here are a few:

Here's one last scenic pic as a closing thought:


MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

I've always wanted to take dear Pax for an outing at the bitch but I've we've abandondond the idea, I can't walk in the sand, in heels and the wheels of Pax's chair would get tangled in all the seaweed.

Random Kath said...

How beautiful! *whine*I wanna go!*whine*

It looks at lot like Martha's Vineyard, and Mr. Random and I haven't been in years. What an awesome way to spend the day. :-)