Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I received a Notice of Delinquency today from the Grand Pooh-Bah of the World Wide Web (subcategory: blogosphere). I risk revocation of my blogging license, and A Room Somewhere will be dismantled and the furnishings sold at auction to the highest bidder, if I do not produce a post forthwith, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (I always hear Yul Brynner's voice, in character as King Mongkut in The King and I, when I encounter the word "etcetera," especially when it's presented in triplicate. But I digress.)

I wish I could claim that my life has been so eventful, romantic and intriguing that there has been no time of late for mere blog composition. Well, I suppose I could say it, but it would be a sorry lie. Make that the sorriest of lies. No, life has been so mundane and uneventful lately that I have not been able to come up with a single original idea to drive me to put figurative pen to virtual paper. Life is not bad right now, just ordinary and lacking in inspiration.

The highlights of the last week or so include:

Highlight One - Dinner out at the Tuscan Tavern (I think that's the name of the place) over the weekend with my husband and his sister in celebration of her birthday. OK, in all honesty, the stars of the meal were the 2 Tuscatinis I had with my dinner.

(Aside to Maidink: I highly recommend a potent variety of martini, or even just shot or two of vodka, in situations like your recent Mother's Day fiasco.)

With a nod to my at-risk blogging license (gotta toe the line for awhile), and in honor of the Truth-in-Fiction Act (10-46:167a), I should note that I am not a common tippler by any means. No, wait, that didn't come out quite as planned. I am not commonly caught tippling. No-no-no, that makes me sound like a closet drinker. OK,OK - I don't drink much and I don't drink often, how's that? But there's no denying that a well-timed glass of vino or a delightful little cosmo can take the edge off of a stressful outing.

Highlight Two - Watching the Stephen King TV movie last night. The company (my hubby) made all of the difference. It was like a date.

OK, so now that you've seen what really makes Jane a dull girl, I'll sign off and get some beauty sleep, in preparation for more creative blogging ahead!


Virginia Gal said...

I love the new look!

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, I love the new look as well, it's just too Town & Country for words.

And tell those piss ants to eat shit and bark at the moon! That your Junior League duties are quite demanding.

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Thank you! It seemed appropriate for the time of year.

Miss Magnolia-
Yes, the ladies of the Junior League keep me stepping. The morning room in the Room's new banner is a perfect place for tea parties and impromptu committee meetings - planning the waterside supper with riparian entertainments and the fall charity bazaar (to benefit the finishing school for young ladies in Switzerland we all patronize).

PaxRomano said...

Love what you've done with the place!!

"waterside supper with riparian entertainments" how Hyacinth of you!


Merci said...

Thought you'd catch that, if no one else did! It's from one of my favorite episodes.

Redrum. Tak.

Joe Tornatore said...

the food, renovations, and writing ar ejust fine.

Anonymous said...


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