Saturday, May 27, 2006

They're Here

Each year when the tourists return to the shore area, the locals give one another a significant look and, through clenched teeth, utter the well-known quote from the movie Poltergeist:

They're Here.

Here we are again, we've tapped the keg on another Memorial Day Weekend. I'm not sure that anyone remembers the true reason for Memorial Day anymore. Isn't it simply a three day weekend to kick off the summer spending frenzy? Look at the newspaper inserts this weekend : pools, beach towels, garden supplies, hotdogs, hamburgers, ice chests and patio umbrellas. The message is clear: this is a time to celebrate - to start the tan, to show off the new swimsuit, to barbeque and drink beer. Did I hear someone say something about remembering those who have died in our nation's service? Surely not, that would be too grave, too somber a thought to interject into our national playtime!

Driving home from work yesterday, I found myself in a modern wagon train of SUV's, RV's and travel trailers, all headed for the shore resorts. High fuel prices have not slowed gasoline consumption one iota. That would be Un-American.

So from behind clenched teeth and a with an oh-so-fake smile, let me tell you that THEY'RE HERE. While we have plans for the weekend, they in no way involve beaches or restaurants or touristy things. Good Americans that we are, we have a party to go to tonight and a barbeque tomorrow. Monday will be a quiet, stay-at-home kind of a day. I promise to take some time out to say a prayer for those who have died to ensure our freedom.


MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, there are only two reasons for Memorial Day, the first, to remember our fallen heroes and the second, to take our whites out of storage for the season.

Joe Tornatore said...

shoobies. hopefully, a few vistors are headed to the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in AC. lol

Merci said...

Miss Magnolia-
Time for me to clean up and refresh my shoe collection!

I'm sure more than a few visitors will end up there.

Virginia Gal said...

oh highly un-American not to guzzle gas in order to satisify one's needs. : ) Non-renewable resources be damned!

Zelda Parker said...

Went to the shore for a walk on Tueday when many shoobies had gone home. To my surprise many shops were closed as well. Atlantic books was open and did a brisk business, at least from me. Books and shoes what can I say?

Merci said...

Atlantic Books is open year round (thank goodness) as is Mack and Manco. A few others are, too. Many others are open on weekends only, until school lets out.