Friday, June 09, 2006

Small Sacrifices

I drove myself to my wedding, oh so many years ago. We had both the ceremony and the reception at an oceanside hotel, a true grand old dame by the sea. I had a room at the hotel for the day, so I schlepped my gown and my gear off early that fall morning.

On the drive to my wedding, a
red-winged blackbird flew into the windshield of my car. I hit it, it died. Anyone who knows me knows that I love animals, both furry and feathered. This was not the way to start my wedding day, but meltdown was not an option. I decided that the bird's death was a unwitting sacrifice, similar to the sacrifices made on important ceremonial occasions in many religious traditions of the past. I would never choose to sacrifice any living creature (let alone my own child - I still struggle with the story of Abraham and Isaac), but I felt that the fact of the bird's sudden demise might as well carry some meaning.

I took my mom for cataract surgery last week. We went
to see Will again, at his place on the Jersey side (Will's Eye Surgical Center). Mom is blind in the right eye now, and the surgery was intended to restore much of the missing sight to the left eye. All went well, and we were on the way back to Mom's house by about 11:00am. Along the way, a blue jay flew out of a tree and hit the windshield of my car. It was over so quickly that I barely knew what had happened. I resurrected the sacrifice theory as the best way of framing the incident.

With the occasional figurative sacrifice to supplement the one of the bird on my wedding day, my marriage has turned out well. Perhaps the unsolicited sacrifice of another small creature, once again on a day of significance, is a portent of further blessings ahead. Perhaps the blue jay, with its bold spirit, is a fitting emblem of the courage and strength needed for what lies ahead.


Virginia Gal said...

That is definitely an interesting way of looking at it - who knows what God intends when these birds fly seemingly kamikazee into your car.

I hope your mum is ok and recovering nicely.

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

I've bever understood birds darling, unless they're under glass, bordelaise or on a spring hat.

Your mother is in my thoughts, she'll be just fine.

Merci said...

It bothers me a whole lot when an animal gets hurt, and I guess I'm just trying to give some meaning to a random event.

Mom is doing well, thank you.

Miss Magnolia-
I eat my share of chicken and beef, and I wear leather goods. Odd that it bothers me so much to hit a bird with my car, but not to eat a chicken or a cow.

Thanks for the good thoughts for mom!

Joe Tornatore said...

how appropriate. we both have posts up about Will's Eye.

PaxRomano said...

So should I start calling you, "Tippi"?

Merci said...

Personally, I'd rather be in her daughter's shoes (I think you would, too)!,%20Antonio&seq=65

PaxRomano said...

Yeah, she's a lucky gal (I don't care what anyone says, I loved her in "Working Girl" and "Cecil B. Demented")...oh and doesn't her hubby look good in that pic????

Merci said...

Yes, AB looks great! I love the way he is looking at her; makes me all tingly.