Saturday, January 07, 2006

Feeling Punchy

Big Bro took Mom to a very important appointment at a Philly hospital yesterday. Called Mom last night to check in. She told me that the appointment and testing took 2 hours (not including travel). The young man who started the testing introduced himself as Will. So Mom said to him, "Oh, is this your hospital?"

She was, of course, at Wills Eye Hospital.

OK, it's a groaner of a pun, but Mom is 81. Hope I can still pun like that at her age!


PaxRomano said...

I love your mom for saying that.

Try not to fret, she'll be fine and as long as she keeps punning like that, she'll keep others in line and on their toes!

Merci said...

Thanks, Pax. She has a lot going on right now. Getting through that first appointment was a big deal for her.

Virginia Gal said...

Concur with Pax, anyone throwing around puns like that is living life!

I love puns by the way - hilarious, hee hee.

Maidink said...

I'm so dense. I would have NEVER thought of saying something as quippy as that.

Seriously, I'm thicker than the large print edition of the entire works of William Shakespeare.

Joe Tornatore said...

where there is a Wills, there is a way. funny story. i hope i can recognize a hospital at 81.

Merci said...

Large print edition of Shakespeare, LOL.

No one out-puns you!

Joe Tornatore said...

Punny that you should mention that!