Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Wanna Be a Drama Queen

Just for a day. I'd like to play Garbo- "I want to be alone." Yes, I know, she didn't actually say it. But it sounds like something she would say, and I want to say it too.

I want to be Katherine Hepburn, confident and in control. Or Claudette Colbert with traffic-stopping gams and ladylike independence. How about Greer Garson with her low British accent, or Irene Dunne, adept at comedy and drama alike?

How about taking a day from the life of Grace Kelly (pre-Grimaldi), sleek and oh-so-blonde? Or Myrna Loy, solving crimes as Nora Charles?

The list of favorites goes on: Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Dorothy McGuire, Lauren Bacall, Maureen O'Hara, Barbara Stanwyck, and Ginger Rogers (who really was quite a good actress, aside from all of the dancing - see Kitty Foyle sometime, if you don't believe me).

OK, so I don't really want to be them. I guess I'd just like a day outside of myself. Maybe I need an afternoon at the movies, or a day alone with a good book. I'll have to set some time aside soon.


Virginia Gal said...

oh how about a day at home watching black and white films - sounds like fun!

I would love to be Grace Kelly (pre marriage) for a day!

Merci said...

Yes, me too. And she was a Philly gal!

Come on down (or up, as the case may be)! We'll watch classic movies and have tea and scones.

Maidink said...

Hey, I don't see Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy on the list. Now that woman has the life. Limos, facials, insurance policy claims, martinis at the Ritz, etc.

Seriously, take a hot tea and a book or movies and ignore the world. I try doing that occasionally myself. Then my daughter will go and do something goofy like run in the room with shaving cream all over her or show me her latest art creation like a page out of the Yellow Pages with marker all over it.

Damn those reality checks. Just once, I want one of mine to bounce.

Merci said...

You are so right, I omitted Miss Magnolia! An unforgivable oversight - she belongs at the top of the list.

Think I will sit down and read for awhile this weekend. Just a breather.

Bet Dinks is too cute for words when she does that stuff!

Zelda Parker said...

All week off and I've finshed nary a single book. Took lots of afternoon naps and went for a massage! Thought how nice it would be to have one every week or two. Bet Mags can tell us what it's like to live that kind of life. Hummm! As for me I'd be Mae West if i were an actress. "You're giving me ideas," and "Goodness had nothing to do with it." And the favorite line, "I used to be Snow White but I drifted."

Zelda Parker said...

One more thought; Garbo did say,"Life can be wonderful if we know what to do with it." See June blog for pic's.

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

I just knew something was burning, here I thought it was a touch of yeast and was about to run to my OBGYN.

Darlings, thanks for your kind words, it's not easy being a "Jaded Lady" but someone has to do it.

Sugarbeet, I adore old movies as well, they've always been a pashion of mine, from a very young age.

Here's some homework for you, three films that you just HAVE to see ...

History is Made at Night - Jean Arthur 1937

Midnight - Claudette Colbert 1939

Remember the Night - Barbara Stanwyck 1940

They're all available on video, I highly recomend each one and darlings, don't think you won't be quized on them because you will! ;)

Merci said...

Now that's a homework assignment I can sink my teeth into! I have seen Midnight, so I'll look up the other two films first. Then I'll brush up on Midnight before the quiz!

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

I'm so glad you've seen Midnight, one of my all time favorite films.

Now, Remember the Night is IMHO, the best Xmas movie you'll ever see and pre-dates Wonderful Life by 6 years, the film is highly regarded but unfortunatly little known.

Remember the Night is one of the most romantic films you'll ever see, Jean Arthur and Charles Boyer are just heaven, the film has a "Titanic" theme (I won't say more) but the acting is way superior.

And if you like Barbara Stanwyck, check out Baby Face, it's an early pre-code gem and one of the most risque things you'll ever see. Let's just say this, where men are concerened, we can all learn alot from "Lily Powers", Stanwyck's character in the film.

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Sorry darling, the second is "History is Made at Night", "Nights" do confuse one.

Merci said...

I love those "before the Hayes office" movies. Makes you realize that our granparents' generation wasn't as puritanical as they're portrayed. Theda Bara could outvamp almost everyone today.

Merci said...

And Zelda, Mae West?!?