Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Shifting Gears

Too much of my blog time has been given over to New Jersey's fiscal woes over the last few days. Time for a change of pace!

I like features in magazines that ask people what they're reading, watching or listening to. Here's my list:


I'm currently reading Lamb, by Christopher Moore (on loan from a friend :))

I just bought Everything She Thought She Wanted by Elizabeth Buchan (author of Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman and The Good Wife Strikes Back)

I'm dabbling in CS Lewis right now, rereading some of his poems, and also some essays from a collection called God in the Dock. I've ordered a new copy of The Screwtape Letters from Amazon. Of course, I found my old copy the day after the order shipped. Oh well, the old one is starting to fall apart.

I also ordered a new copy of Outlander. Sorry you didn't like it, Virginia Gal! I plan to read it again as soon as it arrives. I'm looking forward to spending many pleasant hours with Jamie Fraser. ;)

Listening To:

In my car CD Changer right now are the following CD's:

1)The Best of Donna Summer/The Millenium Collection
2)Softly With These Songs/The Best of Roberta Flack
3)James Taylor/Greatest Hits
4)The Best of Three Dog Night
5)Fleetwood Mac/The Dance
6)Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (soundtrack)

I might actually get to listen to these CD's if we go back to work anytime soon! Oops, topic digression. Get back on track!

My Amazon order will also include a CD of The Cars Greatest Hits.


Hmmm. I didn't get to the movies yesterday, since I was not home alone as originally planned (before the shutdown), nor did I watch 6 hours of Pride and Prejudice, the alternate plan for my day to myself. I haven't been watching much of anything, truth be told.

I saw a bit of a History Channel program in the middle of the night last night. It was called Digging for the Truth, Giants of Patagonia. I think Digging for the Truth is a series. It was interesting, but it wouldn't have held my attention at that hour of the morning if it weren't for the host, Josh Bernstein. Worth watching, that's all I have to say! Here's why:

photo credit

That's him on the left. I'm sorry Pax, Zelda, but move over Antonio! Here's another peek:

photo credit

What are you reading/listening to/watching these days?


Joey B said...

Merci, Thinking of you, just got back from Foreiner. I now have Double Vision and I forgot they sang-Say you will, say you won't...make up your mind toooonight!

Merci said...

Can't believe you went! Wish I had! Kind of dull around here today, though we had a nice little barbecue just for us - steak and chicken and corn on the cob.

Can't wait to hear about the celebration last Friday! If we ever get to work again...