Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tidying Up

I managed to get rid of the blogshift problem I was having, but there are still a few untidy bits here and there about the Room. Please excuse the housekeeping for a few days while I figure this out. My abilities give new meaning to the "hack" in the word hacker. I have zero experience with templates, html and that sort of thing.

I went to school in the dark ages, before people had PCs. I used a computer with CRT (Cathode Ray Tube, for the unitiated) screen a few times for a few class projects in Stats and in Psych Testing. That was it. How many of you are old enough to remember the DOS carat prompt and memorizing commands, in the days before the advent of the mouse and point and click technology? How about dot matrix printers with spooled paper? Or am I the only one?


MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Now that Darling, is what I call a room! Just magnificent!

PaxRomano said...

The place looks great!

And yes, those printers...remember making "Happy Birthday" banners with one of them that would take about a day to print-out!

Merci said...

Miss Magnolia-
Thank you! Wish this room was in my house. I just love the proportions of the rooms in those gracious old homes.

I think I fixed most of my issues late last night. I stayed up when it became fairly obvious that we would not be working again today.

I'm still not sure about the pay thing - some other statements by the Governor seemed to indicate that we would not be paid.

Yes, those printers! Remember printing important stuff then praying it didn't rip as you separated the pages and tore off the edges?

Anonymous said...

ctl-shift-p was my friend for years. That, and dir-p. Ugh, those were the days Merci.


Frank (or dos-prompt as I like to call myself)

Anonymous said...

Merci, I uploaded a couple resized pix to my server at iFlopFlop of "the handsome guy" that you can use if that would be helpful. I saved one at 400px wide and another at 300px wide.

They are at http://www.iflipflop.com/handsomeguy300.jpg and http://www.iflipflop.com/handsomeguy400.jpg.

I'm sure you know how to drop the pic in, but just to refresh...
Edit your post
Remove the old pic
Insert img scr="http://www.filename.jpg"with the appropriate tags around it.

Drop me a note at frank@iflipflop.com if you have any trouble.



Merci said...

Frank (dos-prompt!)-
Thanks! I used "handsomeguy400." I'll tweak my template back into the right shape later!

One of these days I'll play with the image rotator. I bookmarked the site. I have a tough time with the banner/header. I should probably buy a book or take a class!

It's fun to play with the template. Thank goodness for the "preview" feature!