Wednesday, August 02, 2006

In Her Element

Zelda at Garden of Eden posted about the allure of rain today. I love the rain. I don't mind getting wet, and I love the rhythm and freshness of it.

My favorite element, however, is wind. I love a strong, steady wind that washes over me. In Ireland, we visited Inis Mor on a windy day. The ferry ride to this island off of the coast of Galway was rough, what with the troubled waves of Galway Bay and the powerful winds that came with the day. We climbed Dun Aengus and stood atop a cliff, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean with no walls no fences no guards to interfere with the view, all in the wild, wild wind. One does not go quite to the cliff's edge on Dun Aengus; to do so could be quite perilous.

Maybe I connected with my Celtic heritage while I was there. Inis Mor is a hard, bleak place, with a rugged, determined beauty. I imagine in that place a Celtic maiden of a century past, with a hard life and few pleasures. A powerful wind would seem like a portent, like a god bearing strength and power. No wonder the Holy Spirit is compared to a mighty wind.

I imagine my maiden standing near the edge of that cliff, a dangerous, exciting place to be. The deep teal of the roiling waves below match her Irish eyes. The wind assails her, enveloping her while passing over her and through her, eliciting exhilaration to her very core. Alone on that cliff she would turn her face to the sky, lift her hands palm first into the air, and let wave upon marvelous wave of wind flood her senses, commune with her soul.

I must confess that in unguarded moments I am that maiden. I cannot help myself, I must turn my eyes to the sky, open my arms to the wind. The wind releases me, blows the dust from every forgotten corner of my neglected spirit and sets my restored essence free.

We've lost our connection with the elements, and we are embarrassed to speak of our reactions to them. What a waste, what a shame. Rather, we seek sophisticated pleasures and unnatural highs, things that serve to divorce us from the boldness of the wind and the cleansing of the rain. It is good to set contrived indulgences aside from time to time to allow elemental delights to take hold once again.


joey b said...

I agree, we continue to detach ourselves from nature. I think I am going to have to go with fire as my favorite element. Even though we need water to live, I find fire has a unifying quality, like when you gather around a camp fire. I also like its color and the fact that it is difficult to tame.

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Darling, these days it's possible to still be a Maiden or be one again, even if you're no longer a Maiden. Surgeons are wonderful, they can work miracles and reconstruct a hymen with Boc Choi and eyelash glue so we can all be Maidens yet again!

Anonymous said...

My dear you can have your wind! I hate it You never were in Colorado in the canyons when the wind blows so hard ya think its gonna blow what little brain you have left in your head! Or how about a tornado! I realy dont like the wind! But my least favorite is fog. I feel disoriented in it. I positively wont drive in it unless its absolutly necessary! Now if you are talking weather how about a crisp new fallen snow YUMMY! Remembrances of walking like a child in that! Owell, thats another season! mommanator

Merci said...

joey b-
I love fire, too. Nothing beats sitting around a campfire with friends and a little guitar music.

Miss Magnolia-
LOLOL. That's all I can say. Bok Choy and eyelash glue, OMG!

I'm not eager to experience tornados or hurricanes, but give me a nice steady gale or a nor'easter and I'm happy. I think that's why I like cruising so much. I love to go out on deck at night when the ship is sailing just to feel the wind.

Merci said...

And I love a fresh snowfall on a crisp day. Love the fog, too, if I don't have to drive in it!

PaxRomano said...

Whew, is it hot in here, or is it Merci?!?

That was some sensual gust of wind!!

Merci said...

But it really was about the wind. Promise!