Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Quiet Place

This is one of my favorite places. I've only been there once, and I'm not sure whether or not I'll ever return. It's a forest in Sitka, Alaska. This is where I send my spirit when it needs rest. I keep prints of this picture at work and at home.


PaxRomano said...

A lovely spot, and not a sign of any rapid-talking-dingbats or nurse sharks!!

Frank said...

Aaaahhhh. That is gorgeous. I've never been to Alaska, but I need to get there. It's great to be able to call on on visual memory to go to a good place. That is spectacular.

Merci said...

No, but there were grizzlies thereabouts ;)

Thanks! This is one of those places I fell in love with immediately. Alaska is well worth the trip. We cruised, but I'd like to do a land package one day.

Virginia Gal said...

That is lovely Merci. Thank you for sharing your special place.

Merci said...

Virginia Gal-
Glad you like it! It is a peaceful place.

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

A gentleman will sit to pee but only God can make a tree!

I think that's how it goes darling.

pissed off patricia said...

I can understand why you like it so much, it's beautiful and soothing.

I have a beach picture here on my desk that gives me the same feeling. I look at it and in my mind I can go there.

Miss MTP, I love you and your humor!

MissMagnoliaThunderpussy said...

Why thank you Miss Patricia, I's love to kiss you but I just washed my hair! ;)

Merci said...

Miss Magnolia-
If that isn't how it goes, I'll take your version!

The trees were enormous - old growth forest, and the quiet was still and dense. There was a stream with a footbridge over it. You could stand on the bridge and watch the salmon spawning. There were totem poles throughout the woods. It's a magical place.

pissed off patricia said...

It really does sound like a magical place indeed. I would so love to go there this very minute.