Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pandora's Box

I found Pandora's Box in my attic last week. Having reduced a bit lately, I've been shopping my attic for clothes that fit (as well as several local department stores; have you heard the scream of anguish from my bank account?) I came across a box packed several years ago marked, "small clothes." All things being relative, most women will recognize that the clothes we called small several years ago would qualify as absolutely miniscule today.

I actually let the box sit out for a couple of days, and I thought I had decided to return it to the attic unopened. I should have known better than to tear the packing tape off of it, but what would the world be like if Pandora had been a woman of good sense? I proceeded. What was inside? Rare treasure, indeed!

1)Tiny little chinos from the late 80's, with tapered legs and high pleated waistlines. Bought at The Limited. Black and khaki.

2)Two knit dresses barely big enough to fit my Charmin Chatty doll (I still have her, though she's in terrible condition). One green and slinky, one black and white striped above an empire waist, and black below the waistline. Both with the obligatory padded shoulders of the 80's. The black dress has two gold buttons just under the waistline, giving it a military flair. Can't believe I ever wore these to work!

3)Several pairs of shorts.

4)An acid-washed denim jumper with a high, tight waist. I remember wearing this on a date to a comdedy club in Philly, with a walk along the waterfront afterwards. I loved that jumper. Guess that's why I saved it.

5)One truly pretty outfit with a royal blue skirt in a silky fabric and an oriental-inspired wrap top in a matching print (same fabric).

6)A pretty black knit dress with long sleeves, an empire waist and a dirndl-style skirt falling from the waist, fuller at the bottom. This would be a great dress to dance in; it would flow with every movement.

And so, discontentment has been loosed from the box and into my world. I want to wear these clothes again, or at least be able to wear them. They'd look ridiculous out on the street in aught six, especially without the big permed hair to go with the shoulder pads.

I'd better take another look in the box. I think I may have packed hope back into it along with the clothes and sent the whole kit and caboodle back to the attic.


PaxRomano said...

Why not wear them and bring back the 80's?

Maybe we can actually do a reading of the real Breakfast Club (you'd be a perfect Molly Ringwald).

Merci said...

No, no, I don't look Pretty in Pink. Zelda's the one who wears pink so well! And my hair isn't red...exactly. Not Molly Ringwald red, anyway, though it might be fun to try red out for a spell!

I could probably have some fun with all of that teen angst right now.

Zelda Parker said...

Every woman needs one or two pretty black dresses in their wardrobe.

Blue jeans crack me up, I saved a favorite pair for a few years until recently and wouldn't you know straight legs are back.
What do you say we just go shopping and forget it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog while Googling under "Eau Fresh, Jovan".

I see you found a bottle on eBay. I need some too!!! It was my ultimate scent for years and years, but I am down to my last, faded drop.

Was yours strong? (not gone bad or over the hill with alcohol or acetone overtones?)

Thanks!!!....great blog, Rosie

Merci said...

Always up for shopping! Name the day!

I think they waited until they thought we couldn't possibly have kept our straight-legged jeans any longer (we all watch What Not To Wear on occasion, don't we?), then brought them back so we'd have to buy all new ones. I fooled 'em! I have them in my current size and down a size as well! HA!

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I am pleased with the Eau Fresh I bought on ebay. I think the top note might be a bit distorted, but it seems to settle into the fragrance I remember after that. Good luck!